Mike Davis Jr takes a final look around

Mike Davis Jr. is a 6-3, 180-pound defensive back/safety prospect from Los Angeles (Calif.) Cathedral and Mike is pretty darn close to putting the finishing touches on a process that once seemed pretty straightforward but has recently taken him on a path that, if mapped out, looks like a full bowl of pasta.

"I'm heading back to Arizona State this weekend unofficially to see the aeronautical engineering department and what it's like," Mike told Dawgman.com today. "I didn't really get a chance to see it the first time around, because school was out and all the professors were already on Christmas break."

Davis is leaving this Friday for Tempe, accompanied by his father. "I need to make sure I see it, so I can properly compare it with the other programs I've already seen," he said. "I also want to find out if I can academic credit for it. If things go good, it will strengthen my decision for Arizona State."

Mike is taking a pragmatic approach to his decision, but knows that it's almost reached it's natural conclusion. "I feel I will definitely have an idea as to where I want to go right after I get back," he said. "I've been telling myself that I wouldn't make a decision until at least a day after my trip so I wouldn't get caught up in the school I just visited. But I'm 95 percent sure I'll decide on Monday of next week."

Mike has also been entertaining coaches, not only last week, but this week as well. "Coach Neuheisel and Coach Hauck came by my house last week," Mike said. "Coach Hauck came by again a couple of days ago and Coach English (of ASU) came by my school today."

Davis mentions a move Hauck made that may very well have spelled the difference between victory and defeat for the Dawgs when it comes to getting Mike's signature on a letter-of-intent form. "Coach Hauck fed-exed me about one-hundred pages of information about a program Washington has with the Civil Air Patrol and Boeing," he said. "It really saved them, in my opinion. I got the information, and it was like 'Yes, this is what I wanted to see. This is cool.'"

The program offered by Purdue University is also something that has Mike's interest piqued. "Their program is really neat because it's not just regular people in that program, but it's also some of the football players that are into it too. They go through the program and become commercial pilots, which is what I want to do."

When talk comes to football, Mike talks a little more about how his parents are feeling. "I think all three programs are great," he said. "Even though I played cornerback this year, my Dad keeps telling me about how he feels that I could be a great free safety in college. He likes Washington and the fact that they've had a winning program for over 25 years. My Mom has been talking more about Washington and Purdue lately. She feels that they have programs that are more prestigious."

Right now, it would be safe to say that you couldn't separate the three schools Davis is looking at with a fine-toothed comb. "All three have broken even," he said. "I said before that one school would have to go ahead of the others for me to break my commitment (to Arizona State). That's how I've been feeling lately and nothing's changed so far." We'll be in touch with Mike next week to get his final decision.

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