Coach's Corner

I know this is sounding redundant but there seems to be lots of possible solutions to the BCS dilemma. First and foremost is to get rid of the BCS as the determining factor in declaring a champion.

It is an unneeded and obviously flawed system. It doesn't work and can't even get the right teams into the final game much less pick the right champion.

Second of all, it's time for the NCAA to admit it has failed and have a playoff.

It's time to make the bowls into preliminary rounds of playoffs, and then have a two weekend playoff following the completion of the bowls themselves.

Here is where the game of basketball and the NCAA can really help.

Why not have a "football selection committee"? Exactly like the game of basketball and "March Madness" Sunday Selection. They can be the ones who make the decision of the "Final Four" for football. Then have a draw and place the four selected teams in a two game post-season tournament.

It sounds too simple, doesn't it? And it would actually involve having real human beings with some knowledge of the game of football selecting from all the 14 winners of the bowls. Just have the committee meet right after the Jan. 1 bowls and decide over a two day period.

They could use all the same criteria that basketball uses and compare all the teams for strength of schedule, comparative competition, and actual football statistics. Let the committee make the decision as to who is the best and go with it.

Put ex coaches, writers, AD's, and Presidents on the committee. Have all the statistics and all of the pertinent information on hand and then have the selection committee group make the decision.

Of course there will be teams left out, politics, and hurt feelings. The exact same thing happens in hoops every spring, but everyone just accepts the committee's decisions and moves on.

Why? Because the real champion is determined on the floor. That is what everyone remembers.

The financial boom to the NCAA would be tremendous, especially if they put it on pay per view or held a bidding war between the networks every year. The NCAA would have a goldmine and could easily give every division 1 team at least $1 million for their other sports. Of course, they would keep the majority for themselves and still stage the games in the bigger venues where 100,000 could pack the Rose Bowl or some other warm weather stadium.

Pay each of the 4 teams $10 million each and give the public what they really want, a playoff and a true national champion.

There is not a bowl city in America that could not have its stadium ready and willing to "host" this four-team tournament.

It would only add two more weeks to the season and only affect four teams.

Don't even begin to suggest that there would be an "academic" reason for not doing so. Especially when they "the NCAA" is considering adding another regular season game anyway. It used to be a 10 game season and then 11. Now for some teams who play in "preseason" classics or "conference playoffs" or in Hawaii, they could wind up playing as many as 14.

The time for a playoff is overdue, and you can do it without eliminating the bowl system. What they should eliminate is those "preseason" classics and those conference championships games.

All conferences need to end their regular seasons by Dec 1st. They set a date for the NCAA basketball games to be "over" with, so why not football? Force TV to comply and quit allowing teams to play all the way into December. It's no wonder the bowls suffer when their fans don't know where they are going until it's almost Christmas.

I'm obviously now in favor of a playoff system, but I just find it stupid to think the computers should determine it. Top Stories