Ball Park National POY Finalists

Read the stories behind the five finalists - Mark Sanchez and Ryan Perrilloux, Greg Paulus, Jake Christensen and Derrick Williams - for the Ball Park High School National Player of the Year, to be announced Friday night.

The Finalists:

| Jake Christensen | Greg Paulus | Ryan Perrilloux | Mark Sanchez | Derrick Williams |

Shared Path to Stardom
- by Chris Fetters - The nation's top two quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez and Ryan Perrilloux, are from opposite ends of the country but fast friends travelling a similar path to stardom.

Walking Away
- by Thayer Evans - Greg Paulus could be playing the last football game of his career on Saturday, then move on to a basketball career at Duke.

A Faster Game
- by Chris Pool - In San Antonio, the 78 U.S. Army All-Americans are finding out that everyone out on the practice fields are just as talented as they are and most are playing on a level playing field for the first time ever. Jake Christensen talks about the change in the level of play this week.

'Ray Lewis on Offense'
- by Miller Safrit - Derrick Williams really does not mean to brag, but he is very competitive, wants the best out of his team, wants the best out of himself, a guy that never gives up, and a guy that plays with all his heart and leaves everything on the field. Top Stories