Stanback doing his part

It seems like there just isn't enough time in the day for Seattle (Wash.) Garfield athlete Isaiah Stanback, but the 6-3, 180-pounder still finds a way to get through the day in style, even if he'd rather be spending the day at home catching up on some sleep.

"I'm doing good, but I've been pretty tired too," Isaiah told last night. "Things have just built up and I haven't had a break to catch up. I need some time to recooperate."

Stanback did pull his groin and dealt with a few dings during football season, but he won't make excuses for not being 100 percent. "Well, they weren't real serious injuries," he said. "They are just things you have to face during the season and get over them. You just have to do the best you can."

Stanback made a verbal commitment to the University of Washington to play quarterback, and like the savvy signal-caller that he is, he's keeping his options where he can see them. "Well, I'm still in touch with the coaches from USC and ASU, but that's just because I've become friends with the coaches. They are all great. I'm cool with them. I want to make sure I have options in case things fall through with Washington. But there's not a big chance of that happening."

But when it comes to their prized QB, don't expect the Husky coaches to drop the ball. After all, he is the number 9 quarterback in the country, as rated by "I talk with Coach Neuheisel and Coach Gilbertson all the time," he said. "They call just to check in and say Hi and talk about how recruiting's going."

So not only does Stanback make an impression on the gridiron and on the hard court, but he also takes his charming ways to the phone lines and social circles. "Oh yeah, it's automatic," he said when asked about his role as a 'recruiter' for Washington. As soon as you make that commitment, you go to being a recruiter instead of being the 'recruitee'. I'll talk to recruits, but I won't push them to go to Washington. It's all about if they feel comfortable. I tell them, 'If you feel comfortable, then do it,'."

Any examples he can share? "Well, I talked to Shelton Sampson a lot this summer. I think it's great he decided to come," Isaiah said. "And I talked to Lorenzo Booker for a while on his trip and it sounds like he's going to come too."

Stanback's purview isn't isolated to the offense. "Well, I did talk to the defensive lineman from Hawaii (Donny Mateaki) when we went to play basketball in Hawaii," he said. "He wanted to know how I came to my decision."

Isaiah has fond memories of the islands. "It was great," he said. "We played in the Iolani Classic. We played two teams that were nationally ranked and beat one of them. We finished third."

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