The latest on Albert Toeaina talked to Albert Toeaina, the 6-5, 325-pound offensive lineman from Pittsburg, California last night about his verbal commitment to the Oregon State Beavers and where things stand.

"It's not true," Albert said when asked about persistent rumors that he had decomitted from Oregon State. "I'm committed to OSU, no if's and's or but's about it."

Despite his insistence on the firmness of his commitment, Albert and his family are leaving on Sunday to visit Eugene, Oregon. Are the Ducks now in the picture?

What could be happening is Oregon replacing the University of Washington on Albert's dance card. "I haven't heard from the Washington coaches in a while," he said. "I'm not sure whether they are coming by to visit. They might be visiting in a couple of weeks, but I'm not really sure."

When asked why he switched his allegience, he said simply, "The coaches at Oregon State."

He added, "I'm solid on OSU. I don't know where you've heard otherwise, but I'm committed." Top Stories