Abdunafi at the 'drawing table'

Ismail Abdunafi is back in New Jersey, his home state. He only has a few days left before he returns to California to finish up his AA at Bakersfield College. But it's no holiday for Ismail. Important decisions are about to be made.

"I'm just trying to enjoy the last few days I have back home," Abdunafi told Scout.com Wednesday night. He confirmed that his list of colleges is down to Washington, Illinois, Texas A&M and Michigan State. He will choose one of those schools to attend before February 2nd, maybe as soon as tomorrow.

"I've got to get to the drawing table with my parents," he said. "It's a tough decision, not just because it's going to affect the next four or five years of my life, but also the next 10 to 20 too. So I've got everything under evaluation so I can weed things out and figure out where I want to go.

"This week I'm just worried about sitting down with my parents and going over everything again, because I've visited all the schools. I don't have any more visits."

Ismail and his family have hosted in-home visits already with Michigan State, Illinois and Texas A&M, with Washington's Tyrone Willingham stopping by tomorrow morning.

"I'll play anywhere," he said. "Maybe I'll wake up one day and just have it on my mind. But if it was today, I would be undecided.

"I've been doing a lot of research - tradition, depth charts and a lot of other things. All of those things will play a big part in my decision."

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