Willingham has in-home with Abdunafi

Dawgman.com spoke Thursday morning with Bakersfield DT Ismail Abdunafi, who told us a little bit about his in-home visit with Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham. Was the in-home enough to sway the New Jersey big man to the left coast?

"It was good," Abdunafi said. "He got to meet my parents for the first time. That was a good thing. They liked him as much as I did. They liked the philosophy behind the things he does on the field and off the field."

Wednesday Ismail felt like all four of the schools he was looking at - Washington, Illinois, Texas A&M and Michigan State - were viable options, but now it appears as if Willingham's conversation with him may have changed that thinking. "I believe I'm down to two schools - the University of Illinois and the University of Washington," he said. He did not commit to Willingham on his visit.

And a leader between the Huskies and Illini? "I couldn't even say," said Abdunafi. "I just have to wait. I'm real big on both programs."

One thing stuck with Ismail as Willingham left to fly back to Seattle. "The thing he said is that he truth never changes. Emotions tend to sway, but the truth never changes," said Abdunafi.

Ismail plans to have a final decision metted out by sometime next week.

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