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Jarrad Page is a 6-0, 180-pound defensive back from San Leandro, California and Page had a busy day on Friday. Not only did Jarrad put in a full day on the hardwood, but he came home and then hosted coaches from the University of Washington. Page, gracious as always, had this to say about his day.

"Yeah, we played Tennyson," Jarrad told Dawgman.com yesterday. "It was a pretty big league game for us." He scored 14 points for San Leandro to help lead them to victory.

And his visit with the Husky coaches? "The coaches just told me all the things I needed to hear," he said. "They just wanted to make sure that I knew there was an opportunity to play there and they wanted to get an idea as to what I was thinking."

His thoughts seem to be focused on two schools right now. "Right now I'm thinking about UCLA and Washington the most," he said. "I'm sure I'll make a decision sometime next week."

Jarrad talked about the pluses and minuses for both schools.

UCLA - "Well, I'm comfortable with the area and the city. UCLA is a great school and I can get a good degree there. They have a good football team and I can also play baseball there too. They are looking pretty good, but they do have 4 safeties already, including two freshman, so that's something I have to think about. And they don't win as much as Washington does."

And Washington? "It's a lot of the same things," he said. "Seattle is a nice city too. Washington's had a winning program for over 25 years. I know they have a good program up there, and I can also play baseball up there too. But it does rain a lot up there."

Jarrad finished the conversation with these thoughts. "UCLA is still my leader, but Washington is right there too," he said. "Oregon is there too, but they don't have any baseball. They do have a team, the Aloha Knights. They say that students play on that team during the summers so they can still play some baseball."

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