Trip report - Johnny DuRocher caught up with Johnny DuRocher, who took his official visit to Washington this past weekend. Coming down the tunnel was a much different experience this go-around for the former Oregon player, who is on track to graduate with his AA this spring and enroll Washington in time for spring football.

"It's a little different coming out of the tunnel as a Husky," DuRocher said. "Before it was so loud and then you have to deal with the crowd and the Huskies are behind you. This time was a lot less intimidating."

Cody Ellis was his host. DuRocher and Ellis have known each other for years before Johnny went to Bethel High and Ellis went on to be a Puyallup Viking.

"It was just an opportunity to get up there and meet some of the players and to get acquainted with some of the coaches and to also see Coach (Tyrone) Willingham again," said DuRocher of his official visit.

"I made a point to introduce myself to the offensive linemen, wide receivers and pretty much everybody. It was just a really good time. I'm just glad I was able to get up there and meet some of the guys."

He wasn't sure how the players would react to having a former Oregon Duck on their sidelines this spring, and was pleasantly surprised by the reaction he received. "Everybody is really cool and they are excited about seeing me come in the spring," he said. "That was a good feeling."

Willingham talked with DuRocher about the offense, throwing the ball and a plan he has for hiring a new offensive coordinator. "He told me that he has a plan," Johnny said. "I believe him and I'll follow the plan." But DuRocher added that Willingham didn't divulge any details of this 'plan' to him.

"He just told me to come in, be ready to play and be ready to compete."

DuRocher also gave his thoughts on a couple of the visitors he was with. How was Bellevue RB J.R. Hasty? "He's a real good guy," DuRocher said of the Gatorade State Player of the Year. "We talked a little bit about high school football and I just told him how special it is to stay home. I think he understood where I was coming from. We had some good talks."

And how about Long Beach Jordan OL Morgan Rosborough? "He's huge," said DuRocher. "He's a big guy, a real good guy. He's got a couple more trips to make, but I hope he had a good time there. I think he did. We all got along real well."

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