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Mike Davis Jr is a 6-3, 180-pound defensive back/safety prospect from Los Angeles (Calif.) Cathedral and Davis knows the end to a relatively long journey is about to reach it's conclusion. What he's still unsure about is the final answer to the question everyone has been asking him lately.

"Well, yes and no," Davis told Dawgman.com tonight when asked if he is happy the process is nearly done with. "Yes because it's going on everyday, but no because you'd rather have it that way than nothing at all. People are asking all the time now what's happening."

For Husky fans, Davis was a non-entity early in the game. "It started to pick up in November," he said. "That's when it started to get hectic, but at the end of September it was just Arizona State. It peaked in December and it's stayed the same this month."

Davis is trying some new things to his off-season conditioning regimen. "Running lifting, doing track and trying out for baseball," he said. Ever handled the pill before, Mike? "Nope. (laughs) The coaches keep telling me that I'm starting late so I don't even know how to read a pitch, but I think of myself as a quick learner. I at least want to try it. I'm going to try out for the infield but they think I would be a better outfielder."

In track, Mike will run the 4x100, 100 and 4x400 relay, as well as compete in the long jump and triple jump. "I've done everything except the open one," he said. "My best is a 10.9." His personal bests in the Long Jump and Triple jump are 21-6 and 45 feet, respectively. "I can never get the steps down," he said of the triple jump.

Being the son of a former Super Bowl competitor hasn't fazed Mike. In fact, his father sees even bigger and better things for his son. "I never ask him but he keeps telling me that I'm ahead of where he was at my age," Davis said. "When he first went to Colorado he was 6-2 and 160 pounds. Right now I'm an inch taller and almost 20 pounds heavier."

Whatever itch Mike's father has in terms of teaching his son the game that was so good to him has happened on the playing fields of Cathedral High. "He was my position coach this year, so we did all that on the practice field," Mike said. "But as far as covering me, he can't because his back won't allow it, but we'll mess around, throw the ball."

Davis has a plan on how he'll announce his final decision. "I think I'll be ready to go public with my decision on Wednesday, possibly Tuesday night," he said. "I've given myself until our banquet, because that's when I wanted to make it public. Right now, it's getting down to where I know I'll be sure where I want to go. Two days, possibly a day and a half."

And if he has a favorite, he's not laying down his cards. "I'm still looking at three schools," he said. "It's wide open."

Here's a quick take on each of Mike's three choices.

Purdue - "The fact that they have my exact major there. They've been in bowl games 5 straight seasons. And the area kind of reminds me of when I lived in Detroit. But that's kind of a con too, because it gets pretty snowy back there. But I'm not going to let weather be a detriment to what I decide."

Arizona State - "They also have my major and I see their upside. People try to downplay their record, but they forget that there were a lot of freshmen and redshirt freshmen playing. If those guys can post 4 victory, that means that next year spells bowl game, possible Rose Bowl and possible championships in the years to come."

Any drawbacks to the school located in the Valley of the Sun? "Other than the so-called budget problems, it's hard to find a con," he said. "I go on campus and see a whole new weight room and they are putting 4 million dollars into a new ICA building which is going to be completed by March. It's a phantom budget crisis, in my opinion."

And the Washington Huskies? "They've been winning for 25 years and show no signs of stopping that tradition," he said. "And Coach Neuheisel to me is an example of the perfect head coach, in my opinion. Also, a degree from Washington is like a degree from Princeton or Harvard pretty much. A degree there carries a lot of weight in the business world."

While Purdue and Arizona State have the requirements that will allow Mike to eventually become a commercial pilot, the route through Washington is just a bit stickier. "The only con I can think of is that with my major, I can still do it, but it doesn't count as academic credit," he said. "So I would have to change my major to go up there."

In closing we asked Mike a couple of general preference questions. His favorite stadium of the three? "In order, I would have to say it's really close between Sun Devil Stadium and Husky Stadium," he said. "I like Sun Devil Stadium because of the structure. It looks like a pro stadium, but I like Husky Stadium because of the two overhangs that can really hold in the sound. I can't really comment on Ross-Ade Stadium, because it was all torn up and under construction when I saw it."

And there was one coach that clearly stood out on his official visits. "Coach Neuheisel," Mike said with a laugh. "He was ALWAYS there on my visit, making jokes. He was almost more like a player than a coach, playing the game with us. He related to me and Mike Nixon really well."

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