A new name to remember

Robb Hollenbeck is a 6-2.5, 200-pounder from Missoula (Mont.) Hellgate, and Robb visited Seattle this weekend as part of the recruiting process that he is currently going through. What he didn't account for was the inclement weather that has him now stuck at Sea-Tac for the time being.

"I'm on my own now bigtime," Robb told Dawgman tonight. "I had basketball games on Thursday and Friday, so that's why I just came in Saturday. I have practice tomorrow. I was at the airport today and my flight (Horizon) got cancelled, so I just thought I was going to get a later one, but there wasn't one. They said they cancelled them because of the weather so it's not their fault, so they can't get me a hotel."

Needless to say, Robb's current digs aren't quite the same as the ones he had courtesy of Washington last night. "The hotel they put me in was GREAT," he said. "The hotel I'm in now is...I just don't know. It's OK." (laughs)

Hollenbeck has been asked by the Husky coaches to possibly play at a position that's a little different than the one he played at Hellgate. "In high school I played running back, but Washington wants me as a safety or wideout."

Robb gave us a quick rundown on his stats during his senior season. "I was sixth in the state in rushing, second in most yards per carry, ninth in receiving yards and either 4th or 5th in receptions."

He runs a 4.48 40, vertically jumps 32 inches and has a 9-foot standing long jump to his credit. It's those type of numbers that have the Husky coaches intrigued. "Coaches tell me that they like my size and speed," Hollenbeck said. "I can run pretty well and move pretty well for a guy my size."

And his demeanor on the field? "I get excited and I get aggressive." (laughs)

So just how did Robb get in touch with Washington? "I was contacted by the coaches during the middle of the football season. They've asked me to walk on. I'm being recruited by Nevada-Reno, Montana, Western Washington a little bit and Carroll College, which is a smaller school in Helena, Montana." Carroll College is the only school to officially offer Robb a full ride.

With those choices, Robb felt like taking an official visit to Seattle was a no-brainer. "Obviously they are an awesome football school and they have very good academics, so it's the best of both worlds," he said.

The host on his visit? It wasn't who you might think. "My host was Jimmy Newell," he said. Robb recounts one story where Newell was expected to meet him and Coach Bobby Hauck at the Washington-Oregon State basketball game. "Well, I came to the game with Coach Hauck and we were supposed to meet up with Jimmy, but we never found him during the first half. Coach Hauck went and found him at halftime."

For those that thought Greg Carothers would be a natural to show Robb around, Hollenbeck did meet up with the 'Helena Hitman' when he first arrived yesterday. "I met up with him for lunch as soon as I got here on Friday."

Robb give a quick glimpse into the different things he did on his visit. "We looked at the campus, the stadium, the indoor facility. the weight room presentation. I met with Coach Hauck about position stuff. Went to the game. I met with some academic advisors today. I had a chance to let them know what I want to do academic-wise."

Hauck gave Robb the lowdown on why the Dawgs are interested in him. "Coach Hauck said today that they were looking at a list of guys and that they aren't going to be recruiting a lot of guys to and the last couple of years they've always needed safety. I know Jimmy moved from corner to safety. He said that if I came that I would have a chance to play in my later years after I got some weight training and some experience behind me."

Any last words for Husky fans? "I had a blast and the program is extremely interesting and I would love to come here. I'm a big fan of Seattle."

Robb has a rough idea as to when he'll decide. "I'll make my decision in a few weeks," he said.

As long as he can make it home first.

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