Solomona's dilemma

Chris Solomona is a 6-5, 285-pound defensive tackle from San Pedro (Calif.) El Camino College, and Chris is in a bit of a tight space right now. On one wall stands the University of Washington, the team that signed him out of high school and the team he verball committed to again in December. On the other wall is the University of Oregon. In the middle stands Chris. It's a veritable Solomona sandwich. The question remains, who is going to get the last bite?

"Well, I'm still in the air," Chris told today. "It's going to be a hard decision. It's between Oregon and Washington. They are equal right now. I know that Oregon has more guys coming back next year, but I had a very good time when I was at Oregon."

The Arizona Wildcats are out of the race for Solomona's signature. "Well, my father wanted me to go to Arizona, in part because it is closer than Oregon or Washington, but I needed to break it down to two teams that I could choose from. That way, it's making my decision a lot easier to make. Part of the reason I opened things up again was because I needed to make a decision based on more than just distance from home."

One thing Chris is dead-set on is the idea of redshirting. And given his circumstances, it makes sense. "Well, a couple of coaches that I know very well who know me talked to me about the importance of redshirting, especially coming from a JC. They gave me advice on how it can be at the next level and how you need to make the two years you play the best you can. I need to get more ready for that than I am right now, and I also need to get used to the environment I'm going to be living in and the place I'm going to be at. Also, I took a lot of units this year to get ready, so I didn't get as much lifting and conditioning in as I would have liked to. I want to be able to use the year to be able to get in the best shape I can for the next fall."

Chris went into more detail about the last few days and what's gone down. "Oregon has a slight edge right now," Solomona said. "Actually I did make a commitment there, but now I'm kind of regretting it a little bit. My Dad put it out there and then I got calls from the Washington coaches. And right now I still feel like I don't want to close anything with them. I think I have all my questions answered. It's just a matter of making sure I am comfortable with the place that I'm going."

The main Washington coach Chris has spoken to is Head Coach Rick Neuheisel. "I had a good talk with Coach Neuheisel on Saturday," he said. "I must have talked with him for over an hour. He wasn't talking to me as a recruit. He was talking to me as a friend and he gave me a lot of pointers on life. He told me that no matter what that he wants to be there for me and I feel the same way about him. I don't really think of him as just a coach. He's also a great person."

As you would expect, Chris is looking to his family for support and some guidance. "My family is with me one-hundred percent," he said. "It doesn't matter where I go. I don't really talk to them too much about the fine points of the recruiting, but I do let them know who I'm feeling more comfortable with. I do listen to them and they will play a big factor in my decision."

So the $64 question is this - who is Chris feeling more comfortable with right now? "I have a great relationship with the Washington coaches and if it came down to that I honestly feel that I would go to Washington because I feel more comfortable with them and I know Washington has more things to offer outside of football," he said. "The coaches have been so loyal and great to me. But I like Oregon as well and feel more comfortable about them when it comes to football." Top Stories