Ben Ossai to UW

It's been a crazy few days for Ben Ossai, a 6-foot-6, 305-pound lineman from Bakersfield (Calif.) Stockdale. He was committed to Fresno State, and then he wasn't. And then he was on a plane to Seattle and, just two days later the big man from California is a Washington Husky. How did things change so quickly?

"I decommitted from Fresno State," Ossai told Sunday. "I was going to go there, but I decommitted. I'm going to Washington. I talked to Coach (Tyrone) Willingham. He was really excited about it."

Though he had made an earlier decision to be a Bulldog, the Huskies held fast. Ossai had a visit scheduled to Seattle since November, and the UW coaches wanted him to take it. He did take it, with his Mom, and that's all that needed to happen.

"The city is old, but at the same time it's really nice," Ossai said. "And everyone was polite to me. Even if they didn't have any affiliation with the school, if I saw them walking down the street and said hi to them, they said hi back."

Nathan Flowers was Ben's host "He said he likes being up there and that he likes the school a lot," said Ben. "We talked about a lot of things outside of football."

When asked if there was one highlight of his visit he could pick out, Ossai couldn't. "Everything was great," he said.

And from the football side of things? "I talked to Coach (Mike) Denbrock," said Ossai. "He's really nice and he just tells you how he's going to do it. He doesn't beat around the bush and I like that."

But it was Coach Willingham that put Ben over the top. "He's really, really intelligent," he said of the new UW Head Coach. "I don't think he ever loses his calm, ever. He's cool under fire."

The Huskies will make good use of the All-League, All-Area and All-Valley pick. But we're not sure just where. "I don't know, I'll play anywhere," said Ossai. "I played every position but center in high school. I just manhandled people. That's what they say. I usually do."

Ben came home '90 percent' sure he was going to Washington, and it didn't take long for his family to give them their blessing. "There really wasn't all that much to talk about," said Ossai.

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