Mike Davis Jr - a done deal?

Mike Davis Jr is a 6-3, 180-pound defensive back from Los Angeles (Calif.) Cathedral and Mike has been an Arizona State verbal commit for some time. But things have happened in the last 72 hours that has Mike rethinking his whole future and where he wants to go.

"It was great," Mike told Dawgman.com today when asked about his team's football banquet last night. "I was named MVP of our defensive backs and was also named all-league (Camino Real)."

Davis originally had planned on announcing his future intentions last night in front of friends and family, but new information has been revealed that put those plans on hold. "I couldn't really announce because I got more information on my major," he said. "And right now it's looking like I'm going to Washington, but I don't want to rush into making that choice. I need to look at things a little closer instead of going with my first hunch."

The reason why the Huskies have suddenly moved ahead of the Sun Devils and the Purdue Boilermakers? Flight training. "With Purdue, they have everything at the school, which is great for me because I want to go into aeronautical technology. But it would cost $90,000 above my scholarship to pay for my flight training to be a pilot. And at ASU it would be $40,000. With the information I got from Coach Neuheisel and Washington, I can do my flight training through the CPA (Civil Air Patrol) and the ROTC. The NCAA says that the flight training is considered an 'extra benefit', so the schools can't pay for the flight training I need."

But Mike still isn't sure of the pricetag at UW, so he's still asking questions. "I need to talk to Coach Neuheisel and find out how much it's going to be, but if it's less to fly there that's where I'll go. My parents have already told me that if it's $40,000 or $90,000 to do it that they can pay if they have to but I don't want to do it. It doesn't make sense if I can do it cheaper at Washington. I need to find out what's most feasible for me and what's most feasible for my family. But right now I keep thinking about Washington and I feel like that's where my mind is headed."

It looks like once Mike and his family finish their research on his education, it should be a done deal for whichever school he chooses. "Right now I just need to find out which school is going to be most cost-effective for me and my family," Mike said. "I need to find out about the flight training, the cost of gas, renting a car, all of that. But right now I'm feeling pretty optimistic about the whole issue."

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