Albert is wide open

Albert Toeaina is a 6-5, 325-pound offensive lineman from Pittsburg, California and Albert headed on up to Eugene, Oregon this past weekend to check out the digs at the University of Oregon. Was what he found enough to change his mind about his apparent verbal commitment to Oregon State University?

"It was cool," Toeaina told tonight. "I really liked it up there. They have great facilities, the best I've seen."

The Oregon coaches impressed upon Albert that he could make a difference for the Ducks, and possibly sooner rather than later. "I talked to Coach Bellotti and the other coaches there. They told me that there were all kinds of ways I could be used, O-tackle and other ways. And they told me that I could be a first-year starter but that it's all up to me. I would have to meet the challenge."

When asked if there was one thing that distinguished Oregon from the other visits he's taken, Albert only mentioned the facilities. "Other than that, it was the same as the other trips I've taken. They all seem to blend in after a while. They all show you the same things." Toeaina has also visited Utah, Oregon State and Washington

When asked if his Oregon visit changed his outlook on the recruiting process, he agreed that it had. "I'm reconsidering things right now," he said. "There's Oregon, Oregon State and Washington and I'll decide between those three schools on February 6th." He does not consider himself still verbally committed to Oregon State at this time.

Is there one overriding factor he'll weigh when comparing one school against the others? "It's just about me right now and where I feel comfortable with. That's it." Don't expect any coaches to make any last-second pleas either. "I've called all the coaches and told them not to come. I want them to lay back right now so I can decide."

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