Brockman biding his time

Being the BMOC (Big Man on Campus) is something a lot of guys dream about. One young man who represents that term both figuratively and literally is Snohomish senior F Jon Brockman. Now that he has signed his letter of intent to play for the Huskies next year, things have calmed down around the Brockman household.

"It's been nice," Brockman said referring to the lack of phone calls now that he has committed to Washington. "I have time just to myself and to my family and we have what we had back."

Washington head coach Lorenzo Romar out-dueled Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski for Brockman's services and after his announcement things quieted down.

"Obviously, there was a rush before I signed, but after a couple of follow-ups it just stopped. People pretty much respected my decision," Brockman told

Brockman has had a stellar senior season, leading the Wesco league in scoring with 29.4 ppg. "I've been playing alright," Brockman said. "Every game is a killer." Jon sees double and triple-teams every night and one might wonder if that gets old.

"It's been like that for a couple years now, so I'm used to it," he added.

Known to already posses a solid post-up game, Brockman has been working on a different aspect to his repertoire. "I've been working on my mid-range jumper, trying to extend it," Brockman said. "I've been working on getting outside position."

The dilemma Brockman might face when he gets out that far is that he doesn't get to be inside and bang with the other big guys; Not so said the big man.

"I just get a running start so I can bruise people," he said with a chuckle.

Brockman will be done with basketball soon and then his sights will be toward Montlake. He stated he likes what he has seen at Hec Ed this season, having attended most all of Washington's home contests - including last Saturday's win over UCLA.

"This year ever game is sold out. People are waiting in line for every game," he said.

Soon fans will be lining up to watch Brockman bruise some Pac Ten foes.

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