Miles expects toughness

What is it like coaching a position you have never coached before? After the 2005 season you can ask new running backs coach Trent Miles that question and he should have a good answer for you.

Miles, who has primarily coached wide receivers during several coaching stints, was hired by Washington head coach Tyrone Willingham last week to coach the Huskies' stable of young backs. Miles was simple but direct in what he expects from his new players.

"I expect a lot from my guys regardless of position," Miles told "I expect toughness, paying attention to detail. I want them to be versatile catching the ball and be able to block. They need to be mentally and physically tough."

With Tim Lappano taking over as the offensive coordinator, one would think that it might be a difficult transition for Miles, but that would be a bad assumption.

"It won't be very difficult," Miles said. "The terminology is basically the same. Tim and my beliefs are the same. We will probably have to sit down and discuss some things. As long as you get all that stuff down, the rest is easy."

Miles has coached under Willingham for the last four seasons so he probably knows the quietly intense head man better than most.

"I wouldn't call him quiet, because he picks his moments," Miles said. "He's a great coach and an even better person."

While Miles is still trying to get the names of his players straight, he said he has gotten a look at some of the backs from studying film of them last season and he liked what he has seen.

"I'm still trying to get the names with the faces, you know. I'm still in the learning process myself, but it is going to be a fun spring," he said.

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