Recruiting 'steaks' high for Walker

Clay Walker called this morning to catch up on the latest that's going on with the 6-4, 280-pound lineman from Scottsdale (Ariz.) Horizon and after a few minutes of talking it became apparent that the latest tale from Clay was strange enough to go in the recruiting history books as one for the ages.

"Yeah, UCLA sent me a letter of intent, but I'm not going to sign it," Walker said this morning. Clay verbally committed to the University of Washington back in December, and assumed the recruiting process was behind him. The Bruin coaches had different ideas.

"I expected them to try and visit me sometime because I knew they were in town talking to Mike Nixon, but they came by on Tuesday unannounced. It was 5:30 and my Mom was cooking dinner. They stayed until 9."

Sounds innocuous enough, right? Well, there was a twist to the story, one that had implications for Walker outside the gridiron. "Well, I was supposed to be working at this steakhouse that night. It's great because I was able to get a lot of steak there at a good discount. Well, because I was late to work that night, I got fired."

Clay is taking it with humor though. "I have another job as well, so it wasn't that big of a deal," he said. "I didn't think recruiting would cost me a job, but it did. That job was nice though. I'm going to miss those steaks. (laughs)"

Walker doesn't know what's going to happen at his school this wednesday, but he is sure of one thing. "I'm going to send my letter in as soon as I can," he said. "Coach (Doug) Shaffer is trying to set up something for all the players that are signing letters. Our halfback is going to Rice, another lineman is going to sign with Nevada and I think our kicker is going to sign with Arizona State."

As far as future plans, Clay is looking forward to a fun summer before packing up and heading to Seattle in the fall. "I think I might get up to the spring game and my parents seem interested, but I'm going to be pretty busy. I've been working and saving up money so that I can get to Australia this summer to play in an all-star game. It's the Arizona senior all-stars against a team from New Mexico. I'll be there for two weeks." Walker also said that Nixon is going to be Arizona's quarterback for the game.

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