Coach's Corner

Like everyone else, I watched in horror as the Beavers continued their "can't miss" shooting while the Dawgs couldn't hit the broad side of barn. The end result of the Huskies' fourth loss seemed to doom my visions of a second seed in the upcoming NCAA tournament.

A two seed may have taken a full run of the table to happen.

Regardless, the Huskies were certainly out of sync. At this stage of the season such a lapse can be disastrous when trying to impress the selection committee.

I was pleasantly surprised when the Huskies remained number 9 in the RPI rating formula. The all-knowing NCAA Selection Committee supposedly uses the RPI to determine seedings and puts emphasis on things likes road wins and quality opponents and how you do the final 10 games or so of the season.

Assuming that the 20 wins is a magic number and it somehow guarantees the Huskies of getting into the big show, let's hope they can finish strong and somehow retain a top 10 RPI finish. It would seem to me that if they could, they would be in excellent position for a #3 seed come bracket time.

A #2 seed may now only happen if the Huskies can beat the Cougars and then sweep Arizona and ASU at home, and then likewise sweep the Bay area schools. That is some tough cookin' to swallow.

That being said, I should tell you that I am currently in the Bay Area awaiting the birth of my granddaughter, so I went to the Cal-Stanford game this past weekend. I firmly believe that a Husky sweep of these two is a definite possibility. Stanford has lost their best player, Dan Grunfeld, and the California Bears look shaky in all phases of the game.

So let's just assume that a sweep of the remainder of the season is a real possibility. What better time to go on a winning streak, right?

Papers here in California are already talking about how precarious the Pac-10 conference is with regard to the tournament selections. Talk here is of the perceived weakness of the conference and that it might only be Arizona and Washington selected come March 13th.

The same thing happened this year in football – the Pac 10 got dissed. I continue to maintain it goes right back to the conference leadership and administration. The same Pac-10 leadership that refuses to promote or seek television coverage that would enhance and sell the caliber of play in a conference that is a lot stronger in the two premier sports than they are given credit for.

Conferences like the Big East, the ACC, the SEC, the Big-12, and Conference USA are talking about getting 5 teams each into the tournament, while our conference is perceived to be lucky to get more than two into the dance. Talk about a screwed up perception – but perception is reality.

Maybe Washington's loss to the Beavers will prove to be a blessing in disguise. While they lacked smarts and timely shooting and help defense, they certainly never quit. They did make a number of runs to finally try and pull that game out. OSU just shot too well and the deficit was too large to overcome.

So now it boils down to these final league games and over coming the perception of being in a weak conference. That is what is ahead for the Huskies in order to secure a high seed and avoid a more difficult pairing in the tournament.

That's my hope, and if they can move up a couple of spots in their RPI, then it just might become a reality. The Huskies would be an awful difficult #2 seed for any region that gets them because of their depth and the number of weapons they can beat you with.

Now it's time to reload the arsenal and take aim at Lute Olson's perfect hair. No one should be that handsome. Top Stories