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Kenny James is a 5-11, 205-pound running back from Dos Palos, California and while most recruitable athletes are paring down their list of schools before making a final decision, it looks like James is becoming more open to other possibilities. Will it affect his final decision with only days to decide?

"It's goin' great," James told Dawgman.com Friday night. "I went to see my cousin play basketball tonight. We won by 12."

Kenny used to tear up the hardwood, but gave up the roundball so he could dedicate more time to toting the rock. "I used to play from 8th grade to my junior year, but I decided not to play it this year so I could concentrate on football and baseball," he said.

James knows he's getting very close to determining his future plans. "I spent a lot of the day with Coach (Mike) Sparks, going through my college decision," he said. "He just told me about things to look for, how to break things down, just helpful hints that I can use when making my decision. We talked about the pros and cons of each college. He told me to just make sure I make the best decision for myself. He told me that he knows there are a lot of people out there that want me to go to Fresno State, but to not worry about them and only worry about what's best for me."

And while James and Sparks worked through the details of the decision, Kenny doesn't feel like he's any closer to announcing. "I still need to think it over," he said. "Signing day is so close I feel like I might as well just wait and use the time to make the right choice. Coach Sparks made me feel a lot better about the process today. Early on it was rough because it was hard for me to know just what to pick and choose from. But he helped me to emphasize the right things and look at the pros and cons of those things."

Kenny broke down his idea of what he's looking at. "The key points I'm looking at are the competition level, my family and my education," he said. "The Pac-10 is a competitive league. And that's not to say the WAC isn't competitive. There's going to be competition anywhere I go and I know that, but the Pac-10 has something about it. I really feel like I can be the best player I can be there."

James talked about the influence his family will play in his decision. "I know my family really wants to be able to see me play and I really want my family to be there with me for all the games I play," he said. "That's very important to me and they've told me that they are going to do everything that they can to do that. My mom still feels like I should go to the place that's best for me. She knows what I am going through and that the decision is going to be based on what I want to do."

And adademics? "As far as education, I am looking close at the academic support," he said. "All of the schools I'm looking for have the academic support I need and I feel good about all the schools when it comes to education. I know I have the work ethic needed to better myself."

And those 'schools'? It used to be two, but James has widened the search. "Well, I had a visit with a coach from Washington State and they are really fired up about the recruiting process and me," he said. "They like how things are going so far. Washington, Washington State and Fresno State are all schools I feel good about right now." Washington recruiting Chuck Heater is visiting James on Saturday.

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