Recruitee turns recruiter?

Scott White is a 6-2, 225-pound linebacker from San Diego (Calif.) Mission Bay and White has had some time to himself now that the recruiting process is over for him. The Washington verbal commit has been doing one thing a lot lately, and can show you the phone bill to prove it.

"I haven't been doing too much, just working out, going to school," White told today. "Not much other than that."

Scott described his weekly regimen. "On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I work on my upper body, doing heavy weights, bench presses, things like that," he said. "On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm doing more agility and lower body things, like box jumps, lat running, leg presses."

Scott hasn't had to deal with the pressures some PSA's are going through right now. "There were two or three schools that came by after I committed, looking to visit," he said. "Cal, San Diego State. I took a trip to San Diego State a couple of weeks ago. It was really supposed to be for my teammates. I was just going to hang out with them but I ended up going by myself. It was OK. It wasn't spectacular. I wasn't blown away."

He has been talking to the Washington coaches on a regular basis. "I just talked to Coach Neuheisel yesterday," Scott said. "He's in New Orleans for the Super Bowl. I'm going to call him when he gets back to Seattle."

Neuheisel is talking to White about getting immediate playing time next year. "He's been talking to me about playing fullback this next season," he said. "He wants to get me out on the field. With Anthony Kelley and Jafar Williams coming back, they are going to have a lot of linebackers this year, so I could play fullback this year and then play linebacker next year."

There's one priority Scott has right now, and it's in his own backyard. It's Stanley Daniels, the big 6-4, 300-pound lineman from San Diego (Calif.) Marian Catholic. "Nebraska is visiting him today and then I'm going to visit him tonight. I need to talk to him anyways. I think he really wants to go to Washington. But I know how hard it is for him to say no to the Nebraska coaches. The last time I talked to his Mom she told me that all the Nebraska coaches do is throw out numbers and statistics, like how much they win and how many academic all-americans they have. But they didn't get a real good idea of how things are day-to-day there. He only got the idea of what it was like on gameday when he went there. But when he visited Washington, he got to see everything - practices, the campus, the whole deal."

So what it like being on the other side of the recruiting process for a change? "It's fun," he said. "Getting a chance to talk to a lot of guys at the CaliFlorida game who also went to the Washington bowl game was cool. In fact, I talked to Albert Toeaina today."

And the contents of that conversation? "Well, it sounds like because of Albert being related to the Tuiasosopos, he kind of rushed into his decision when he committed," he said. "He jumped the gun. I'm not sure what he's going to decide, but he told me it's going to be between Washington and Oregon."

White is so in touch with how things are going, he even told us that Lorenzo Booker wasn't in San Diego today. "I just talked to the coaches up there and they said he didn't make it," Scott said. He also had a tidbit about his teammate, Marcus Smith. "Marcus is going to be a great player and he's already committed to Arizona but that commitment is shaky. USC is coming on strong. I think they just offered a scholarship to him on Thursday and that's the school he's always wanted to go to."

And his own decision? He's not sure how it's going to go down, but he is sure of his choice. "Well, they've been talking about getting the papers to come down to the school and we would have a table set up for all the people signing," Scott said. "The parents would be there too, because they have to sign. And maybe some close friends, some food, who knows? I think they want to make a big deal out of it."

They should.

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