Goldson set to sign with Washington

Dashon 'Deedoe' Goldson is a 6-2, 180-pound safety prospect from Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne and Dashon has been biding his time during the recruiting process, waiting until the school he wanted to attend gave him the news he wanted to hear. And when they did, he didn't hesitate.

"Everything is going good right now," Dashon told today. "Both San Jose (State) and Washington were wanting me really bad but I just felt a lot more comfortable with Washington because they brought me and my parents up on a trip so they could see what was going on up there. I never took a trip to San Jose and I don't want to go to a place that I didn't get a chance to check it out first to see if I felt comfortable there. I'm just not feeling anything about San Jose anymore."

The Spartans weren't ready to take a chance on Dashon. "They told me that since I wasn't qualified and hadn't gotten a test score back that they didn't want to waste a visit on me," he said.

So when the Huskies came calling with a scholarship offer, Dashon quickly gobbled it up. "I'm going to sign with Washington on Wednesday," Dashon said. "All I know is that I've got to get some classes done, some foreign language stuff and improve on my test score. If I can do that, I'll be there in the fall, but if I can't do it, the coaches have talked to me about grayshirting and getting things done and coming in the winter."

Right now Dashon is two points away on his ACT from qualifying after finishing up with his requisite course-load.

Tom Williams and Rick Neuheisel are the ones that recruited Dashon for the Dawgs. "They told me that they see me as one of their safeties that has made it to the league," Goldson said.

Talk turns to Dashon's teammates, Marcus O'Keith and Alex Potasi. "Alex is going to UCLA, no doubt," Goldson said. "I don't know what Marcus is going to do. I know he committed to Cal, so that's what it sounds like he's going to do."

Narbonne is going to have a pretty hectic day on Wednesday. "I know the news services are coming out and there's going to be a big story in the papers about us," he said. "I think there's going to be 8 or 9 players on our team that are going to be signing D1-scholarship offers."

And one of them will be Dashon Goldson.

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