Rosborough talks about signing spoke Tuesday afternoon with new Washington commit Morgan Rosborough. We can't call him a signee just yet, but according to Morgan it's just a matter of taking the time to fill out the letter and sending it back.

"I got a letter of intent today in the mail and I plan on signing it by the end of the week," Rosborough said. "They (Washington) called me on the weekend and then sent it."

Morgan went on to say that he's not waiting on anything in particular before signing it, he's just going to take his time. Is there anything that might pop up to change his mind before he signs it? "No, I don't think so," he said.

Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham is the one that has been running point on Rosborough's recruitment to Montlake. "He said that he's really excited to offer me a scholarship," Morgan said. "I'm just very excited to be a part of the Husky program."

Part of the holdup with Rosborough's recruitment could be construed as a bit of a 'character test' for the big man from Long Beach (Calif.) Jordan. "I think the coaches think that as soon as I get to school, I'll quit," he said. "They want to see how dedicated I am. We've set a bunch of goals and deadlines, times when I have to call in and report what I'm doing."

Included in those monthly reports will be updates on Weight training, his speed workouts and also schoolwork. The beginning date to keep track of everything for Rosborough is March 1st.

Morgan is playing basketball for Jordan at a robust 380 pounds. "He's vicious and tenacious, doesn't let anybody come through the middle - like a linebacker in football," said Rosborough, using some creative license in the third-person.

But 380 is not a weight the Huskies are comfortable seeing with Morgan. "They (Washington) want me to be at 350 and 340," said Rosborough. What will it take for Morgan to shed some baby fat? "A lot of hard work and dedication," he added. "I'm up for it."

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