McKnight still clings to five

Rhema McKnight is a 6-3, 190-pound receiver prospect from La Palma (Calif.) Kennedy, and McKnight has been very tight-lipped about his recruiting process and who he may be favoring. Although he still didn't offer a lot of insight into a favorite school, he was nice enough to give some ideas about what he's looking for and how his decision will unfold in the following days.

"Well, here are the things I'm looking for," Rhema said last night. "The first thing is the psychology department for each school. Then location. I don't mean location in terms of distance or in-state, out-of-state. I mean things like weather, the people that live in the area, being comfortable there. And the last thing I'm looking at is how things are football-wise. Can I come in and play? Do I fit in with the players? Those are the things I'm looking at right now."

He added, "I obviously want to play in an offense that throws the ball, but I also want to play in a balanced attack. That will give me a chance to do other things, like reverses."

The five schools he's taken official visits to are still in the mix; Florida, Oregon, UCLA, Washington and Notre Dame. He wouldn't break down the five, preferring to offer this blanket statement. "All of the schools I'm looking at have all the things I want - a great coaching staff, great school, great education and a great football environment. The thing is, I want to have an opportunity to make it to the league (NFL), but I also want to make sure I have something I can fall back on."

Rhema confirmed that he will be making his announcement on February 6th. "I'll be deciding on signing day," he said. "I think my principal is setting something up at my school. It'll be at 3 o'clock."

He doesn't plan any funny business either. "I may talk for a little bit, but I'll probably just say where I'm going. I don't think I'll pick a hat or anything like that."

McKnight was able to offer up a couple of observations about the whole recruiting process. His favorite visit? "Well, all the visits I had were great, but I would have to say I had the most fun when I was in Florida."

And his favorite coach that he met. "I liked 'em all, but one coach that stuck out was Coach (Rick) Neuheisel," he said. "He was just hillarious. He's a true players coach, you can definitely say that about him."

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