Jackson sleeps on decision

Eddie Jackson is a 6-4, 215-pound receiver from Coffeyville, Kansas and Jackson is finally done with the recruiting process. Funny thing is, he's not telling anyone about it. But that will all change in a matter of hours.

"It was hard, but it's easy now," Jackson told Dawgman.com tonight after the Super Bowl. "I've got my mind made up. It's just a matter of telling everyone tomorrow. It'll be out soon."

And his thoughts about the 20-17 victory for the New England Patriots? "The Rams done lost," he said. "I was rooting for the Patriots. But my favorite player wasn't playing. Terry Glenn. He's from Columbus (Ohio). He's from my neighborhood. There were a couple of players that were playing from Ohio State, (Mike) Vrabel and Orlando Pace."

Eddie got us caught up on the latest. "Well, I just got back from KU (Kansas)," he said. "Coach (Mark)} Mangino. Man, that place is nice. If you're a wideout, they'll tell you everything you want to hear. It was good."

As you would expect in the heartland, Jackson got his fill of some grade-A cornfed beef. "Man, I've been eating steaks for the last couple of weeks!" he said. "I'm up to like 221, 222 now."

The Jayhawks extended a scholarship offer to Jackson again, but he wasn't biting. At least not today. "I told em that I'm still open and that I'll call them tomorrow and let them know," he said.

Eddie told us about who he's seen the past couple of weeks. "Coach (Jeff) Bowers from Southern Miss, Coach (Rick) Neuheisel," he said. "Coach Mangino came by on Monday. One of the Washington coaches visited my parents in Columbus. That's about it."

Jackson singled out Neuheisel. "He's cool," he said. "He's like a college dude. He's young. He said that I can come in and make an immediate impact, along with Reggie and Paul. They were cool. They want me to come there."

Eddie did share with us his three finalists. "Yeah, it's between West Virginia, Washington and KU," he said. "KU was great. I'll make my decision tomorrow morning."

Here are Eddie's quick takes:

West Virginia - "Everything. Coaches, players, passing, the surroundings and the town. Everything."

Kansas - "The atmosphere was different than Coffeyville. I didn't think I would like it."

Washington - "I love the surroundings. It made me feel like home. It reminded me of Columbus, the city life."

So who has been helping Jackson make his future college choice? "I've got some family at home who are telling me where I should go. I'm going to talk to my coach tomorrow, let him know where I'm going to go."

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