UW Player Quotes - Arizona

Here's what some Washington players had to say in the wake of their 93-85 win over #9 Arizona at Hec Ed Saturday. They had a lot of things to talk about on Senior Day, with a potential Pac-10 championship hanging in the balance.

Junior F Bobby Jones

On winning the game for the seniors:
You always want to go out on Senior Night with a win. Ever since I've been here, we've won on Senior Night. We just have more emotion to win because it is our last home game for our seniors and hopefully next year, we can do the same for me.

On Arizona's aggressive inside attack:
I give all credit to (Arizona). They were playing very good team ball and Channing (Frye) knew where the mismatch was and they definitely took advantage of it. Good teams overcome all obstacles like that. Even though he did his thing, we got the win and that's what care about. I'll take anyone scoring 30 and us win anytime.

On "controlling their own destiny":
It is a relief because now we know we control our own destiny. We just need to finish out these two wins on the road. The road has been hard on us this year so it's going to be another test for us. If we can get these two wins on the road, we won't do any worse than tie with them at the end of season and you'll never know – maybe we'll have the same magic as we had last year.

On the key to holding on for the win:
We scrapped all 40 minutes. Coach emphasized that. Even if our shots didn't fall and we blow our assignments, if we put our effort into scrapping, we'll eventually get up and win the game.

On meeting Arizona again this season:
I have a feeling that we will no matter what the circumstance is. We beat them three times last year and we split this year so Game 3 will be the tie-breaker. We'll see what happens. I'm not saying that I'm looking forward to them, but I won't be surprised if that's what happens.

Senior F Hakeem Rollins

On two plays: the save to Nate Robinson and the clutch put-back:
On the first play, I just tried to save the ball. It was just a hustle play. The guys didn't really try to box me out too much so I figured if I could just keep it alive, we could get something out of it so I was just tying to save as many as possible. On the tip, we have pretty good shooters but they're going to miss one evry now and then so you want to get in good position and if you can get a tip or offensive rebound you'll do that.

On being called on to start his final home game:
Coach told us all a couple practices ago. This team has a lot of players who can potentially start if the circumstances were different.

On family at the game:
No one was able to make it. They had work obligations and they couldn't make it but I know they were watching the game. They told me before the game that they were cheering for me but they were there for me in spirit.

Senior G Will Conroy

General comments:
I think we played extremely hard out there and they played extremely hard. I think both clubs gave everybody what they paid to see.

We won today too. I wouldn't have been able to sleep without the win. It's tough not to sleep last night. You don't know how emotional it's going to be. I thought I was going to be able to hold it, but I couldn't. When you play with so much pride and so much heart on the floor, you put so much into it. I was trying to hold my tears before the game but they just kept running down.

On the Dawgpack and the Husky fans:
They are like my second family. Those guys spend the night out there in the cold and the fog. When I went out there it kind of smelled like liquor! But they're young college kids and we love them. They came here and they had a ball and they helped us win.

On guarding Salim Stoudamire:
Before the game, coaches told me that it was my match up and this is what I've been waiting for. I actually thought I did a good job on him down there (Tucson). I wanted to make him drive today. I wanted to cut the three-point line off to him and make him drive and slash. I wanted him to create for his teammates. He did do a good job of creating, but as the game got going, they got behind.

He was frustrated. Body language speaks for it. It's tough when you play as well as he's been playing and you try to propel your team to a win and things don't go your way, I'd be frustrated too.

Me and him, we're close. That's a little personal thing. That's bragging rights. I'm pretty sure we'll see him again in the Pac-10 Tournament so I'll keep my comments to a minimum.

On setting the single season assist record:
I don't remember when it came. I looked at the stat sheet after the game and saw I had four assists. I didn't even think I had that. It came and went.

On leaving the court for the last time:
I'm one of those players that play with a lot of passion. When I commit to something, I'm 100 percent there. I'm 100 percent bleeding purple so when I kissed the "W," I just wanted to let everybody in the arena know that I love them and I got respect for everybody in Husky basketball.

Junior G Nate Robinson

On wearing an arm sleeve: It was about old times. It was like my days in high school. I was just showing love for Rainier Beach. Allen Iverson is my favorite player.

On the double technical:
I don't know. There was a couple seconds in the game and I was going to let the time run out but he runs over to me and pushes me down. And the refs called travel. I don't understand. Now I have three turnovers. That killed assist-to-turnover ratio. After that, I tried to deny him the ball and he pushed me. I looked at the ref and he gave a double technical.

It happens, but he was just frustrated. He's a great player. It's tough playing Arizona. They're a great team and coach Olson is a great guy. They bring the best out of us so I want to thank them overall.

On hitting big shots when it counts:
That's the key. You have to make big shots or it's going to be a long day. We were focused and ready for it, We have so many shooters and so many guys who can put the ball in the hole when we're clicking on all cylinders.

On going on the road to win the conference:
It's a big deal to us. We know what we have to do and that s play hard. It may be the hardest games of the season. We just have to approach t like a championship game.

On whether or not this is his last home game:
Everybody's asking me that but I don't know. We'll just have to see.

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