Rosenberg visits Montlake

Bellevue, Washington athlete Keith Rosenberg enjoyed the idea of seeing a basketball game during Washington's junior day that he took a dry run at it the Thursday before, joining future Huskies JR Hasty and E.J. Savannah at Hec Ed to watch Washington defeat Arizona State. It was twice as nice watching the Huskies take care of business Saturday against Arizona, but Rosenberg had more to worry about than just hoops.

"It was the basketball game," the 6-0, 180-pound Rosenberg told when asked about the best part of Saturday's UW Junior Day experience. "It was pretty exciting. They gave a pretty nice introduction. All the guys were nice. I met all the coaches and it seemed like they took care of their guys pretty good. When we got a tour of what goes on inside the facilities, it was pretty nice."

Keith admits to having some preconceived notions of his first introduction to new UW Head Coach Tyrone Willingham. "Before I met him I thought it was going to be all about football," he said. "But he talked to me about things that no one else even knew. He knew me more than coaches on my coaching staff. He knew more about me and my preparations as a player. He talked about what people have to do to stay focused the whole year and how you have to keep a positive attitude to play college football."

Rosenberg certainly has the attention of the regional Pac-10 schools. "I'm trying go to the Washington State junior day because that's my first offer," he said. He was offered as an athlete. "The letter said they could see me as at both receiver and corner." He also mentioned UCLA and Oregon as other schools he'd like to hear more from. "Any Pac-10 school," he added. "Those are the schools I'm sending my tape out to."

Did the Washington coaches talk to Keith about an offer? "It was more low-key," he said. "The coaches know what they are recruiting me for (athlete), so there wasn't much to talk about."

Most fans that have watched KingCo ball the past couple of years know about Rosenberg's ability to run with the football. He averaged a whopping 17 yards a carry. But he could have more of an impact in college playing defense. "One of my biggest roles on the team was shutting down receivers," he said.

And with the Wolverines, they will need Rosenberg next year to do the same kind of damage he did in 2004. The Bellevue program is starting to earn the reputation of not backing down from the national powerhouse programs, and they will get all they want with Long Beach Poly this coming fall. "It doesn't ever seem like we get much of a break," Keith said with a chuckle. "Probably a couple of weeks after the championship our coaches asked us if we could prepare for this game like we did for De La Salle. We said yes."

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