Collins isn't ready to announce

Freddie Collins is a 6-0, 185-pound running back from Indio (Calif.) La Quinta and Collins has lately been deep in thought. When he saw his teammate, Michael Craven, go through the recruiting process last year, he knew it would a bit of a burden to bear, but he had no idea he would cut it this close to the wire.

"Yeah, it's pretty much what I expected but I didn't think it would take this long to make a decision," Collins told last night. "I've just been weighing the pros and cons of each school. Just weighing them out and making my decision on Wednesday."

So who have been by Indio to visit Freddie? "I've seen coaches from Arizona State (Osborne), Washington (Hauck) and San Diego State," he said.

Collins has been impressed with the Huskies defensive back coach. "He's real cool, real cool," Freddie said. "He's just got a real cool mentality. Everything he talks about is good about the school and how they are tops in the nation football-wise and academic-wise. He makes it all sound real interesting."

Freddie is being recruited as a running back. "Maybe some kickoff returns too," he said.

Any leanings Collins may have aren't the kind that he wants to talk about just yet. "No, I'm not set yet," he said. "I've got two days to decide."

Freddie broke down the three schools he's looking at.

San Diego State - "I've got four friends on their roster that play I played with in high school and it's close to home. And the coach that's recruiting me is young and real cool too. There's a lot of stuff about them. A lot of my buddies are there, like Jeff Webb and Danny Armstrong. But they're program isn't doing too good right now but they are talking about being better in the years to come."

Arizona State - "It's relatively close to home, about 3 and a half hours. And they had a good recruiting class last year. They are a good, young team. And they have some pretty solid commits this year. And the coaching staff is cool. But their program is kind of shaky too right now."

Washington - "Great program, great academics but it's far from home, about an 18 hour drive."

Freddie parents have no opinion, other than the steadfast backing of their son. "No," Collins said when asked if they had an opinon. "Wherever they think I'm going to be happy at, that's where they want me to go. They are behind me."

Collins did offer a glimpse into his possible finalists. "I'm liking Washington and Arizona State right now," he said.

When we first met Freddie, he was wearing a black doo-rag that quickly became his trademark headgear. Is he ready to take his look to the next level? "I might be wearing that, but I might be wearing one with the team colors too," he said.

Freddie let us know how he is preparing to announce his final decision. "Coach has the local news stations and papers coming on Wednesday and I'm making a decision by 8:30," he said. "I guess it's going to be a big 'ol media thing."

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