Junior Day report - Micah Hannam

Micah Hannam and Nick Bassett definitely stood out in the crowd for the Arizona-Washington basketball game this past Saturday as part of UW's football Junior Day. For the 6-5, 280-pound Hannam, from Gig Harbor Peninsula, it was a nice introduction to what Husky athletics is all about.

"It was good. I met the coaches and it was really nice. I liked it. It was a good junior day," Hannam told Dawgman.com. And the highlight of the trip? "It was definitely the basketball game."

For as big as Hannam is, he wasn't the biggest guy on the block Saturday. "I met (Ryan) Tolar," Micah said of the 6-6, 320-pound OL from Pasco. "He's big. I thought I was big kid. I keep telling myself that there's always someone out there that's bigger, faster and stronger, so that I don't go in hot-headed and think I'm the king of the world. It gives me motivation to work harder.

"I also knew some guys from Gig Harbor and from Capital (Olympia)."

So what else happened besides the game? "They had a couple of guys there," said Hannam. "The Head Coach went up and gave a speech about what football is like at Washington and what the program is all about. And they brought up an old running back who played for the (Denver) Broncos (Greg Lewis). He went up and talked about his experiences. Stuff like that."

Micah admitted his experience in meeting the Washington coaches was a little different than what he thought it would be. "They were more interested in trying to get to know me," he said. "There were a lot of introductions that went around. I met all the coaches. They gave us a presentation and a tour and then we saw the game. At the end we had a meeting and I talked more with the offensive line coach (Mike Denbrock)."

On a scale from one to ten, how would Hannam rate his Junior Day visit? "Right now it's a ten, but I've got nothing else to base it on," he said. "I really enjoyed it. I liked the presentation. We got to walk the field a bit, that was nice."

Micah will get his chance to compare and contrast, as he will be heading down to Oregon's Junior Day this weekend.

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