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Skylar Jessen is a 5-10, 205-pound tailback prospect from Spokane (Wash.) Mead, and Jessen packed up and hauled 300-plus miles across the state of Washington to Seattle with a friend to visit his brother Brayden. It was also a good reason to go visit the University of Washington, as Jessen was invited to attend their football Junior Day. Here's what Jessen had to say about his visit to Montlake.

"I got an invite to come over," Jessen told Scout.com. "For a lot of schools, going there would be a pretty long ways to drive from where I am, but U-Dub or WSU are pretty close. So I took them up on their offer. My brother (Brayden) goes to school over there too. I came with a friend a day early and we hung out with our brothers. I tried to get my teammate Andy Mattingly to go, but he couldn't make it. I went and talked with all the coaches for about two-and-a-half hours. We talked about where they want me to play, if they are going to offer, everything that's going to be going on."

Skylar hadn't seen much of UW before his visit this past weekend. What were his first impressions? "I like the bigger schools, the bigger cities," he said. "That's a plus and U-Dub looks a lot nicer than some colleges. And Coach (Tyrone) Willingham was really quiet and professional. He seemed like a really nice guy."

"I didn't really know too much, just what I saw last season. They weren't that great of a football team. But now that Willingham came in, more stuff is coming in for me. At first, Notre Dame was recruiting me and U-Dub wasn't as much, but now that Willingham is in, they are recruiting me more."

Washington, as well as nearly all of the D1 schools recruiting Jessen are projecting him at tailback. Skylar had 103 carries for 945 yards and 14 touchdowns in only five games, earning All-GSL and All-State honors.

Jessen, unlike some of the prospects invited to Junior Day, knew all about Husky Stadium. "When we played our first football game last year (at Qwest Field), we practiced at Husky Stadium," he said. "We've played in big stadiums before. We play at Joe Albi a lot, it's pretty much our home. But it's still pretty cool. That's a big stadium, a lot bigger than what we have."

Jessen is not positive about other junior days, but will be going to camp and junior day at WSU. "It's hard for my schedule because I have track starting," he said. Skylar will run the 100, 200 and also run the 4x100 relay. His PR in the 100 is 10.64.

Boston College has already offered Jessen a scholarship, and there's at least one school in the Pac-10 that just might offer before the summer. "I just got off the phone with an Arizona State coach and he was saying they saw my highlight film and they loved it," he said. "They are thinking about offering me, but they want to see a full-game tape. They want to review my game tape before offering me early. Same thing with WSU. They are thinking about offering me at summer camp.

"I've yet to narrow things down. There are some schools that I like, but I'm not going to cancel any schools out right now. I like Boston College, Arizona State, Washington State, Washington, Michigan and Nebraska."

Jessen has plans to attend a Nike camp, but isn't sure if he'll be going to Stanford or Oregon. He went to the 2004 Nike camp in Eugene. He will also camp at Washington State. "Our team (Mead) has spring and summer camps too," said Jessen. "That will probably be about it."

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