Recruiting through the years

Brian Donohoe never throws anything out. That is why it was so much fun to see the list that he had compiled based on the past 12 years of recruiting rankings. The source of this information that follows is <b>Lindy's</b>, a well-known publication out of Alabama. Sometimes great classes have correlated with great seasons on the field. Others have not.

Submitted for your perusal, the rankings of the Pac10 recruiting classes for the last 12 years.

Rank: Based on rank in magazine. More obvious in recent years, rather than in the early 90s. When unsure, I checked Top Players from across the country and the West to see which teams signed any players from the lists. Also, there was a National recruiting overview every year and often times, the ranks differed from what was found in the Pac10 Rankings. They were usually written by different people. I always drew from the Pac-10 Rankings section of the magazine.

Key Player: Again, the magazine was more clear in more recent years. In early 90s, I noted the player most talked about in the article about the team's recruiting effort.

Most Interesting Comment: Pulled from the stories on the teams' recruiting classes. Comments are attributed to the likes of Allen Wallace, Tom Lemming and others.
Team     Rank    Key player
UCLA       1     Bruce Walker
USC        2     Tony Boselli	
Stanford   3     Steve Stenstrom
Washington 4     Andrew Peterson
Oregon     5     Danny O'Neil	
Arizona    6     Charles Levy	
Cal        7     Jeremy Smith
WSU        8     Drew Bledsoe
ASU        9     Leonard Russell (jc)
OSU       10     Rico Petrini
Most Interesting Comment: Would its first bowl game in 25 years really lead to a recruiting breakthrough for Oregon? -- Allen Wallace
Team       Rank	 Key Player	
Washington 1     Napolean Kaufman
UCLA       2     Jamir Miller	
USC        3     Rob Johnson	
ASU        4     Mario Bates	
Stanford   5     Justin Armour
Oregon     6     Alex Molden	
Cal        7     Todd Preston
Arizona    8     Ontiwaun Carter
WSU        9     Singor Mobley
OSU       10     Don Shanklin
Most Interesting Comment: Yes, the Huskies signed the most talented and deepest class. And yes, the Trojans got the quarterbacks and the tailbacks they needed. -- Robert Kuwada
Team      Rank   Key Player
Stanford   1     Kwame Ellis	
USC        2     Jason Sehorn (jc)
UCLA       3     Jonathon Ogden
Washington 4     Lawyer Milloy
Oregon     5     Tasi Malepeai
Arizona    6     Tamasi Amituani
ASU        7     Chris Hopkins
Cal        8     Stafford Evans (jc)
OSU        9     Bryan Ludwick (jc)
WSU       10     Mark Fields (jc)
Most Interesting Comment: For the first time in a long while, there was no clear-cut victor in the recruiting wars out West. -- Robert Kuwada
Team     Rank    key Player	
Stanford   1     Scott Frost
Cal        2     Pat Barnes
UCLA       3     Travis Kirschke
USC        4     Saladin McCullough
ASU        5     Jake Plummer
WSU        6     Leon Bender
Washington 7     Jayson Bass
Oregon     8     Woody Green III
OSU        9     Josh Carley
Arizona   10     Brady Batten
Most Interesting Comment: Stanford had an incredible class, one filled with offensive weapons that will make Bill Walsh all the more dangerous, and have Pac-10 defensive coordinators approaching matchups with the Cardinal warily. -- Robert Kuwada
Team     Rank   Key Player	 		
USC        1     Keyshawn Johnson (jc)
Stanford   2     Kailee Wong
UCLA       3     Akil Davis
WSU        4     Rick Austin
Cal        5     Tony Gonzalez
Arizona    6     Damon Terrell
ASU        7     Marion Farlow
Washington 8     Tony Coats
OSU        9     Tim Alexander
Oregon    10     Chad Normoyle
Most Interesting Comment: Yes, it's official, the Trojans are back. Coach John Robinson lassoed a recruiting group which may very well prove to be the finest in five years. -- Phil Grosz
Team	 Rank    Key Player
USC        1     Quincy Woods
UCLA       2     Cade McNown
Washington 3     Brock Huard
Stanford   4     Eli Burress
Arizona    5     Frank Middleton
Oregon     6     Jerry Brown
OSU        7     Derrick Timmons
ASU        8     JR Redmond
WSU        9     Earl Riley
Cal       10     Nate Geldermann
Most Interesting Comment: California produced an average crop, but Texas A&M signed the best runner (Sirr Parker), Notre Dame lured away the premier linebacker (Kory Minor), Colorado (Clyde Sanders) and Texas (Clarence Martin) were more appealing to the finest d-liners and the Huskers nailed the state's finest offensive lineman, James Sherman. -- Allen Wallace
Team      Rank   Key Player
USC        1     Stan Guyness
Washington 2     Corey Dillon
UCLA       3     Durell Price
Oregon     4     LaCorey Collins
Stanford   5     Steve Coughlin
ASU        6     Ryan Kealy
Arizona    7     Ortege Jenkins
Cal        8     Thabiti Lockhart
OSU        9     Matt Bryant (k)
WSU       10     Greg Dupree
Most Interesting Comment: the 1996 recruiting season marked a mass exodus of prep talent from what would be considered the Pac 10 states. -- Gary Brooks
Team     Rank    Key Player
USC        1     Rod Perry, Jr
Stanford   2     Randy Fasani
Washington 3     Marques Tuiasosopo
Cal        4     Andre Carter
UCLA       5     Kenyon Coleman
Oregon     6     Akili Smith (jc)
ASU        7     Courtney Hysaw
Arizona    8     Anthony Thomas
OSU        9     Mark Walsh
WSU       10     Earl Riley (jc)
Most Interesting Comment: (on the Trojans class "headliner") With 14 players who were on one All-America list or another, it is hard to choose one elite athlete. -- Allen Wallace
Team     Rank    Key Player
UCLA       1     Deshaun Foster
USC        2     Jason Thomas
Arizona    3     Leo Mills
Stanford   4     Matt Leonard
ASU        5     Kyran Jones
Cal        6     Mike Ainsworth
Washington 7     Hakim Akbar
Oregon     8     Mike Belisle
WSU        9     Kevin Brown (jc)
OSU       10     Tyler Thomas
Most Interesting Comment: New coach Paul Hackett did an outstanding job in the limited time he and his staff had to put together a recruiting effort. With only four coaches on the road, he still managed to finish with a top 15 class and landed six potential in-state supers… -- Tom Lemming
Team     Rank   Key Player
UCLA       1     Jerry Owens
USC        2     Kareem Kelly
Arizona    3     Joseph Siofele
ASU        4     Anthony Aguilar
WSU        5     Matt Kegel
Cal        6     Atari Callen
Oregon     7     Kevin Mitchell
Stanford   8     Chris Lewis
Washington 9     Paul Arnold
OSU       10     Patrick McCall
Most Interesting Comment: (Oregon sleeper) Samie Parker is an undersized but extremely fast and athletic wide receiver from Long Beach Poly, had an even better year than teammate Kareem Kelly. Samie has been timed in the 100-meters in 10.5 seconds. -- Tom Lemming
Team     Rank    Key Player
ASU        1     Terrell Suggs
USC        2     Alex Holmes
Oregon     3     Willie Walden
Washington 4     Dan Dicks
UCLA       5     Paul Mociler
Stanford   6     Kwame Harris
Arizona    7     Chris Harris
Cal        8     Reggie Robertson
WSU        9     Lance Mitchell
OSU       10     George Gillete
Most Interesting Comment: The Bears do a great job of evaluating and developing relatively unknown talent. This class has a few of those type of players mixed in well with several highly-touted prospects. -- Tom Lemming
Team     Rank    Key Player
Washington 1     Reggie Williams
UCLA       2     Matt Ware
USC        3     Shaun Cody
Stanford   4     Michael Craven
Arizona    5     Mike Bell
OSU        6     Derek Anderson
ASU        7     Hakim Hill
Cal        8     Lorenzo Alexander
Oregon     9     Kellen Clemens
WSU       10     Dwayne Wright
Most Interesting Comment: (OSU Sleeper) RB Steven Jackson was a well-kept secret from '99 but exploded onto the scene last year rushing for 2764 yards and 34 tds. -- Tom Lemming
Last Five Years (1997-2001) Cumulative Totals
             Total      Avg.   Overall
Team         Rank       Rank    Rank	 
USC           10        2.00     1
UCLA          14        2.80     2
Stanford      24        4.80     3
Washington    24        4.80     3
ASU           24        4.80     3
Arizona       26        5.20     6
Cal           32        6.40     7
Oregon        33        6.60     8
WSU           43        8.60     9
OSU           45        9.00    10

Last 12 Years Cumulative Totals
             Total      Avg.   Overall
Team         Rank       Rank    Rank
USC           24        2.00     1
UCLA          31        2.58     2
Stanford      46        3.83     3
Washington    53        4.42     4
ASU           70        5.83     5
Arizona       75        6.25     6
Oregon        78        6.50     7
Cal           80        6.67     8
WSU           99        8.25     9
OSU          108        9.00    10
On paper, Usc and UCLA are always the teams to beat in recruiting, so the results of this compilation should come as no surprise. Stanford's lofty ranking was a bit of a surprise but they are able to reruit a bit more on a national scale than the others because of their private school status and prestige of their academic reputation. Top Stories