A decision nears for Albert Toeaina

Dawgman.com received some information today regarding the impending decision of Albert Toeaina, the 6-5, 325-pound offensive lineman from Pittsburg, California. Alex and Fia Toeaina were nice enough to provide us with their take on the roller-coaster ride of events that have transpired over the past 5-6 weeks.

"Albert visited the University of Washington and commited to Coach Rick Neuheisel 4 days later," Alex said. We closed everything down, but then a few days later, Albert wanted to visit other institutions. Which was good because now he has options to compare with..."

Then the Beavers came calling. "(The) Oregon State Beavers would not accept a 'no' and kept calling," he said. "Coach Dennis Erickson finally got a hold of us and brought up the past (was my former coach at SJSU) and so off we go to visit Oregon State. The following Tuesday, Coach Dennis Erickson visited our home and there Albert DE-commited from Washington and commited to Oregon State...

All the while, there was a Mountain West school that was lurking in the background. "The University of Utah was relentless while USC was playing games so we replaced USC's visit with Utah and Coach McBride was an awesome person and so were the facilities," said the elder Toeaina.

The official visits were far from over. "Then came the next trip to the University of Oregon (ranked #2 in the nation)," Alex said. "We had put off Coach Mike Belloti many times, but his assistant Coach Nick Aliotti (who also attended Pittsburg High) was so persistent and commited finally got us to take a visit to the Oregon Ducks."

To hear Toeaina tell of it, the whole family was very impressed with Oregon's presentation. "I tell you, it was a campus/facilities that's out of this world! They should just re-name the college; the University of NIKE!" he said. "Now Albert's decisions is getting more deeper to choose from..."

Just when you might think Albert and his family were ready to cash in their frequent flyer miles, he did something that was somewhat unexpected. "Then came San Diego State University," Alex said. "To tell you the truth, San Diego State was a trip for Albert to get away and make his decision based on the 3 colleges; UW, Oregon and Oregon State. But I tell you, it never fails... That campus was also a brand spanking new facility that was beautiful! Currently, what was supposed to be just a 'get away visit' turned into one of Albert's favorites."

Toeaina next gave the parental input. "Fia and I have the college of our choice, but the choice really is Albert's decision to make," he said. "Because all three of us visited all the colleges together as a team and saw all 5 colleges and know exactly what they have to offer Albert brings us peace. It really don't matter where Albert goes, Albert will affect change anywhere. We told Albert what college we wanted, but we also told Albert that whatever college he selects, we will support him no matter what and where he goes!"

He continued. "And tomorrow, Wednesday February 6th Albert will have placed in front of him the FIVE SCHOLARSHIPS mailed to him to make his decision with and then sign on the dotted line in front of his families, friends and the organization that raised him up with it's sports program (Soul'd Out Productions "What About The Children" Sports)."

The celebration of Albert's decision starts at 6:30 tomorrow evening and as Alex pointed out, '(will) go until we can't go anymore!'. They are also going to show a highlight video of Albert.

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