Lorenzo Romar quotes - ASU

A relieved Lorenzo Romar was happy to answer media questions after Thursday night's thrilling 95-80 overtime win over Arizona State in the first round of the Pac-10 tournament in Los Angeles. He was hoping to rest some guys and others got a little banged up salvaging a tough tourney win. Here's what he had to say about his guys' effort, among other things.

On their hot shooting start: What you just said is a phenomenal shooting percentage. Any team that would continue to do that would score 150 points. We were fortunate that we started out and shot well. That's probably what got us over the hump, because they did come back. As they did in Arizona, as Will (Conroy) just reminded us.

On ASU: That team, when they get going from the outside, they are dangerous offensively. Some just think it's the Ike Diogu show. When those guys are hitting from the perimeter it makes a difference. So when Kevin Kruger starts hitting and Stevie Moore starts hitting, they gained a little confidence and played the way they are capable of playing. That's one of the best 7-seeds, I guarantee you, of any conference tournament.

On having a tight game: If we weren't playing until next week, it might be good, but we've got to come right back and play tomorrow. It lasted longer than we would have liked, but you always learn from these situations. I thought our guys handled things well when we got into overtime. But the thing that pulled this game out for us is that we had an unbelieveable effort in the area of scrappiness. We played so hard down the stretch. It was Brandon Roy for a little bit in terms of scoring that sustained us, then Nate got going again and got in the zone, got on a roll. Then we really started playing. For Brandon and Nate to do that, we had to play hard, and our guys fought really well. I'm proud of them for that."

On the neutral court environment: We had some similar game (at the Great Alaska Shootout) against Alabama, Oklahoma and Utah. Those were also knock-down, drag-out fights that went down to the wire. They were physical games, just like tonight.

On trying to rest Brandon Roy late: With three consecutive games, if we play three consecutive games, we felt that if we were able to distance ourselves and maintain a lead that we would try and rest him. But the game got to a point where we felt like we needed him, and he came in and did a fantastic job of not only scoring a few baskets but on the boards. He got us a few rebounds. He had a presence out there that he always has. He's fine, it's just that we were going to limit his minutes, but it worked out.

On Tre Simmons: He's a little banged up. He's got a little bit of a strained groin. He got hit physically, he took some knocks."

On limiting Ike Diogu: Whenever Ike Diogu doesn't get 30 points, it's a team effort. Hakeem Rollins and Mike Jensen just did a phenomenal job working, because Arizona State is constantly trying to get him the ball in the block, and those guys worked to try and deny him. And the other guys were very aware of where he was and rallied to the ball all night. But tonight, as opposed to last game, we didn't allow much dribble penetration, which allowed Ike to run free on the backboard.

On playing short-handed: Wasn't it Oregon where we were short-handed? When Bobby was sick? That was our last overtime game too, so there are some similarities. This group, the Huskies, give them a lot of credit because we didn't lose our composure. We stayed together and we continued to fight. If we didn't, we wouldn't have come out on the victory-side tonight.

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