Player Quotes - Stanford

The Washington Huskies couldn't get an outside shot to drop, finding themselves in unfamiliar territory Friday in the Pac-10 tournament semifinal game against Stanford. So they did what any good team does come tournament time; they dug deep and found another way to get the job done. Here's what they had to say after the game.

Nate Robinson:
On playing Stanford: It was just fun. It was a tough game because they make you leave all the BS at the door. They make you play a lot smarter than what you usually play. They bring your basketball IQ up a lot higher because you are playing against a great Stanford team.

On dealing with Stanford's zone: We just knew that they were going to make us shoot jumpers all day, and we didn't want to shoot ourselves in the foot taking jumper after jumper. Our coaches kept telling us to try and get in there, get some free throws and get easy buckets, make them work in that zone, make them shift. They only had 6-7 guys in their rotation, so we had to keep running and running. We're so used to it we don't get fatigued like other teams do.

On missing the last 1-1: Oh my God! I practice free throws every day. I think I rushed it. I didn't just take my time. It just slipped at the last minute and I didn't get any lift.

On playing a rested Arizona team Saturday: We didn't have the hard way out. It's going to be a tough game, a fun game. Both teams are going to bring it. It's going to be a fast-paced game with a lot of highlights. It's just going to boil down to who has the bigger 'you know what'.

On maybe coming out too tight Friday night: Basketball is physical and you have to also use your brain a lot. But having fun is the biggest key. I feel like a little kid at recess, playin' ball with my family. That's what I call my team - my family.

Tre Simmons:
On how the game went: We just had to go out there and play tough, scrappy. Coach told us that if we did that we would come out with the victory."

On the revenge factor against Stanford: They took away our championship, and that's what we wanted. We got 'em.

On contributing when his shot isn't falling: That's my whole mindset the whole time. Coach keeps telling me that all the time, don't just look at one aspect. I know I'm a shooter, but I can do other things on the court to help my team.

On coming out tight: We were so tense, so anxious to get this one. Coach had to tell us to keep our composure.

On Jason Haas' last look from three: I thought he was going to miss it anyways.

On being 11-0 in tight games: We work on it in practice so much. Coach will put three minutes on the clock, and we need to keep our composure, because the game is on the line.

On his cold day shooting: It wasn't a struggle so much, I was just missing shots. I wasn't really harping on it. I played good defense, so I think that took over.

Hakeem Rollins:
On the strangeness of the game: It was one of the first games where it just was not going down for us, even some shots on the inside. Maybe it's because we didn't have the legs that we normally have.

On the mindset late in the game: We're just not going to lose, no matter what happens. No matter if they make shots, we don't get a stop, whatever ... we were not going to lose. Nobody panicked, everybody stayed together. I know there was a point there where we started to unravel a little bit, but we brought it back together.

Mission accomplished against Stanford?: Not quite. The mission won't be accomplished until we get a championship. That's what they took from us.

On sucking it up against Arizona: At this point when you're playing for a championship, you can't make any excuses. They are playing at a high level right now and for a couple of games we haven't played our best. But when you're playing for a championship, we'll find what we need.

Brandon Roy:
On his late-game heroics: I was just trying to do whatever I could down the stretch to help the team win. During the first half I paced a little bit and during the second half I paced myself a little more and during the stretch I told coach that if I'm not good for three minutes, what am I good for? So he said alright and he put me in positions where I could get the ball. I got an easy layup and a tip, so I'll keep fighting until the end.

On getting hurt near the end: I was dribbling down the middle and (Rob) Little came late and he stuck his knee out and tripped me. I was going to the line and I didn't have any legs now. But the trainers told me, 'Hey, you're 21 years old. If you can't fight through it now you won't be able to do it when you're 30'. So I tried to find something inside.

On contributing to the team: The team right now we're in a tough situation. I can't really do my work until late in the game. I can't usually get Tre his rest so he can get his legs. And I can't help Will (Conroy) get his spell. So I keep telling guys to keep fighting, that I'm going to find something in the last five minutes to make up for everything I'm doing. Hopefully I'll be able to do it for longer tomorrow, because Arizona is a really good team and they are going to bring it.

On taking a positive away from two tough wins: The way I look at it, we're more battle-tested. We've been down in both games. Maybe we can get them down and flip it on them. Hopefully we can be the tougher team when we play them.

On Haas' 3-point miss at the end: This time around I knew we were going to get a stop, but then he got a wide-open look! We caught a break tonight and didn't catch one last night. Stanford is an incredible team. They are just the opposite of us and it shows. It was just a nasty game, but we pulled it out.

Which game was scrappier - Stanford or Arizona State?: I think last night was a scrappier game because both teams were hitting shots. Tonight was just a bad rhythm night. We didn't have any rhythm, and to give them credit they did a great job with their zone defense. Hopefully we can do a better job against Arizona's zone defense.

Jamaal Williams:
On scoring woes: It just wasn't going down for us tonight, that happens. But we were able to pull it out by being tough and out-grinding them for the final 10-15 minutes of the game.

On the team trying to push inside: I wanted to help and they were getting some easy buckets inside. They were able to get into that tight-packed defense because we weren't hitting from outside.

On contributing factors: Last night was a tough game, it took a lot out of us. And playing such a late game, it was a long wait and it's hard to just sit around. I think it just all took a toll.

On playing Arizona after two tough games: We just have to find something down deep inside of us and give it our all. It's for a championshipm, so we have to sell out and leave everything on the floor. Hopefully we'll be able to find a way to get it done.

On the third time being a charm: It's definitely something you look at. We've had two opportunities in the last two years to try and get it done and we haven't been able to do it. Here's another opportunity and hopefully we do get it done this time.

On playing in the tourney instead of watching it: It's definitely a different feeling. Watching last year it was tough but it was also exciting. But it's even more exciting now that I'm playing. It's a fun experience.

Bobby Jones:
On low-scoring game: They played great defense, they forced us to shoota lot of shots that we wouldn't normally take. Sometimes your shots fall and sometimes they don't. I think they (Stanford) got a little fatigued at the end and our shots started falling. We were able to scrap together in the end.

On Stanford playing zone: Coach always tells us when we play zone that we have to box out. They weren't doing that. We don't have assigned men, it was those offensive rebounds that kept us in the game. They were easy buckets.

On playing Stanford: They took something from us (outright Pac-10 title) just like we took away their perfect season last year. We had a chip on our shoulder and we knew we didn't want to lose another one.

Joel Smith:
On Stanford playing zone: Offensive rebounds were the key to the game. Without offensive rebounds we would have never pulled it off.

On playing Arizona in Championship game: We are very evenly-matched teams. We will have to focus on boxing out and putting pressure on the ball. Top Stories