Player Quotes - UW/UA

Here are quotes from players from both Washington and Arizona after the Huskies defeated the Wildcats 81-72 Saturday in the finals of the Pac-10 Tournament at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Nate Robinson:
On second-half game-plan: Coach (Romar) told us to stop taking so many three's because we wern't making them in the first half. Coach just said in the second half make sure we get the ball to our side. We traded baskets with them and then we caught fire and from there it was like a snowball effect.

On being rested for the NCAA Tournament: We could play another game right now.

On winning the first Pac-10 Tournament title for Washington: It feels great, I know for my team, these guys are pretty much proud of our coaches, our families and our friends. We're all just proud of the University of Washington. We did it for them.

On defending Salim Stoudamire: We just stayed together. We tried to joke with Arizona players by saying that Salim wasn't going to pass them the ball, and we tried to kill their confidence that way...

Tre Simmons:
On winning the Pac-10 Tournament title for Washington: It feels good, I can't describe how I feel emotionally, but it definitely feels good. This is my senior year, it's my last year, basically comes down to me being proud of my team, and being proud of my coaches.

Joel Smith:
On the difference down the stretch: It's a team effort, man. Everybody has been working on this for so long before I even got here, and I got here to a great team and a great coaching staff and we pulled it out. It was a team effort, a team game.

On playing three tough games in a row: It took heart, a lot of heart. It's going to take a lot for us to fall down, it's going to take a lot to people to take us out.

Bobby Jones:
On scrapping: If we had lost this game, it would have been three championship opportunties lost. But we had a chip on our shoulder. They won the regular season, but this was the rubber match. We came out on top, we scrapped it out at the end.

On the third time being a charm: You could say that. Now we have to move on and get ready for the big dance and go from there. We've got momentum going into the tourney.

On possible seeding: At least a number-two. We'll see who loses, but definitely a number-two. We've worked hard all year and I think we deserve a number-two seed at least, if not a one.

On coming out strong in the second half: Coach motivated us. Their zone frustrated us at times, but they told us to keep aggressive and get fouls and things would break down. It was all she wrote after that.

Will Conroy:
On stopping Stoudamire late: He had 37 points and he was busting our tails the whole game. These last five minutes, I needed to show some heart and shut him down. I had to find it from somewhere. My stomach had been bothering me since the first game. I didn't want to let coach know too much about it. It's some kind of pulled muscle, but I just wanted to keep playing. It didn't really matter until now.

On Stoudamire's first-half run: Man, that made me mad. It's like he got out of jail. You know when a criminal goes to jail and he gets back out and commits all these crimes. He was out on a rampage. By the time the police was looking for him again he was already in the 20's. It was too late. It's hard to slow him down when the rim looks like the ocean. He's just one dribble and pulling up.

On his own threes in the second half: In the locker room, I got mad. I said, 'I'm shooting this ball.' Somebody had to step up and shoot it. I missed a lot of chip shots and I knew I had to get something going.

Salim Stoudamire:
On the second half: They rebounded well and beat us on the second-chance points.

On the final minutes of play: I want to be that guy everyone looks up to, but at the same time we have to stay within the team concept, and today we got away from that.

On being tripped up: You can't let referees decide the game, because it shouldn't have ended that way, regardless of the no-call.

Channing Frye:
On the game: We need to look at the problems we had today and learn from it, and then use it as a character-builder.

On Stoudamire's performance: He shot the ball like he shoots it everyday in practice and if we had won it would have been better than what it is now. Top Stories