Romar quotes - Montana

BOISE, ID Here are quotes from Lorenzo Romar after his number-one seeded Washington Huskies defeated Montana 88-77 Thursday in the first round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament at Taco Bell Arena.

On the Grizzlies' scrappy play: Montana was down 16-2 and did not fold at all. They continued to work hard. They got the ball down the stretch to their star player, Kamarr Davis and he ends up with 24 points. They did a very, very good job. Give our guys a lot of credit that when Montana would make runs at us, we would step up and make big plays for us today. That has been the trademark of our team mall year. Guys, different guys would step up and make big plays.

On his contract: It's never a bad time to get an eight-year contract. Todd Turner was very sensitive about the timing and it didn't distract me at all. They made sure of that. I came to the University of Washington with the mindset that this is the place where I want to coach for the rest of my coaching career and I thank the Lord that it has worked out up to this point. Who knows what the future holds, but as far as I'm concerned I'm going to do everything in my power to continue to be here, and hopefully when the end of this eight-year contract is up we can get another for how many years that will be. Something like don't get an extention like this without great assistants and great players, players with the type of character that can hold you afloat in tough times. Although the players don't get to share the money, they are the ones that got this (number-one seed).

On if the players knew about his contract before the game: Nope. They knew about Montana, they didn't know about that.

On Pacific: Wow. As a basketball coach, I've been able to coach against Pacific in the past, and Coach Bob Thomason is probably one of the best coaches in America. Him and his staff do a fantastic job. They do not make mistakes; they are a well-oiled machine. We've got to play at such a higher level to play in that game Saturday.

On the first four minutes of the game: I thought we played exceptional basketball, but again we were only as good as our defense. I thought our defensive intensity was outstanding in the beginning, which enabled us to get great looks at the basket.

On Jensen's three near the end of the half: That was very important. We finished that half the right way. We distanced ourselves by 17, wheras it was pretty close before. You always want to go into halftime with the momentum.

On being up by so much early: It's amazing how you watch a lot of games, my wife and I laugh about it all the time. Teams jump out to big leads and it's like, 'Watch, they are going to come back'. Sometime it happens where you can turn a 14-point lead into a 30 or 40-point lead. It's happen with us. We've won by 47 points. But you have a tendency to let your guard down, I think it's just human nature. Sometimes it's something guys just don't understand. You're up 16-2 in the huddle and guys are getting yelled at in the time out and they are asking, 'what more can we do?'. We tell them, 'You're doing fine, this is preventative maintenance. If you let your guard down, teams are going to come back. Top Stories