Player Quotes - Pacific

BOISE, ID - Here are quotes from Washington and Pacific players after the Huskies took care of the Tigers 97-79 at Taco Bell Arena to advance to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

Bobby Jones:
On his good start: Before we came ou, you know, one of our assistant coaches (Ken Bone) gave us some words of inspiration. I Just felt like I needed to come out and make a statement. I worked out before the game. I don't really warm up that hard. But I was in my own zone. I was feeling good and I wanted to play like we didn't have another game."

On his defense against Christian Maraker: He's a competitor. Before the game the coaching staff told us that he was going to be a hard guard. He can shoot, he can put it on the ground, he was athletic. Usually I rise to the occasion when I play against people who are, competition-wise, on the same level if not better."

Nate Robinson:
On being good for his size: Me and my teammates joke about me being small, but they know I play big. I got a big heart, and that's all that matters. As long as you play hard and you bring something different to the game, you'll be all right. I bring so much passion and so much energy, and I hate to lose.

On playing well in the second half: Once I observed the way they played defense on me, I was like driving it and I was like, 'coach (Romar), I can take these guys anytime.' And he said 'Take them, but make sure you make the right decision.'

Tre Simmons:
On not scoring early: I knew the shots would come, I'm a shooter. Our team did a good job of taking my spot.

Brandon Roy:
On halftime adjustments: We noticed in film that they didn't really have a strong defensive team. We've played a lot of good teams in the Pac-10. We kept telling guys to attack because they aren't moving their feet very well. They are getting some punches, but we were getting in a lot more. We just kept attacking 'em.

On Bobby Jones' day: Everybody has their own way of expressing themselves, and he just came out and said that he was going to show up. I don't know what he's been drinking but he did. It was really noticeable. And when one guy does it, everybody on the team wants to join in and that makes us a better team. When Nate stepped up in the second half, everybody else said, 'We'll be right there with you Nate'. So when you see one guy on our team step up, you better watch out because there's going to be a lot of other guys that want to join him.

On the whirlwind week: It's just all hard work. We're a hard-working team. We didn't care what seed we got, we were going to come in and give the same effort. Doesn't matter, we're going to make 'em look like geniuses no matter where they put us.

Mike Jensen:
On the surprising dominance by UW inside: I don't think it was surprising to us at all. We're strong inside and we have a lot of guys that can get inside and make plays. I think it's only the outside world that doubts us in the paint. Time and time again people say that we aren't tough inside or we aren't strong enough or big enough. Time and time again we've come out and played against some of the toughest big men in the nation and teams that are bigger and stronger and we outrebound them, out-tough them and get wins. I think they need to take a second look at the film and re-evaluate what they are saying.

On Bobby Jones shutting down Maraker: Any time someone on your team steps up the way Bobby did today, it's contagious. You see it and you're like, 'We all have to play like this.' I think that's what everybody did. Everybody saw what he was doing and everyone followed in suit. I can't say enough about Bobby's performance, but he's done that all year. He hasn't necessarily gotten the credit that he deserves, but Bobby is one of the best players in the country at his position because he's a mis-match for so many different people. He can step outside, he can dribble it, he can rebound - he's just hard-nosed and tough, tougher than a lot of people think. Whenever someone like that steps up, we're definitely going to follow.

On hitting his first shot for confidence: I felt good. I think most of us felt good coming out because of our intensity. We knew what we had to do to win this game, which was to scrap, be tough and not let them take advantage of us inside. I think we did that, and once the momentum swung in our favor we just knew from experience against Montana and other teams not to let off the gas. We didn't do that tonight.

On the crowd being more pro-UW than expected: I wasn't necessarily surprised by it, I just think the fans were there to watch a great basketball game.

On going from Los Angeles to Albuquerque in a week: In our locker room, we have a picture of Saint Louis. And at the beginning of the year it looked so far away. But we were constantly saying, 'One game at a time, one game at a time', and now we're just one weekend away from being there. It's a very exciting feeling and we can bring that intensity and that energy to practice and use it as motivation.

On having a preference between Louisville and Georgia Tech?: No prefence, doesn't matter to us.

Will Conroy:
On going from the Pac-10 championship to the Sweet Sixteen: It's a whirlwind, but we're having fun and living in the moment. We haven't gotten a chance to take everything in yet.

On imposing their will on Pacific: I thought it made things a little easier when I was able to go down there and rebound. Because when I can get in and rebound, I push the ball up the court right from off the rim. And when I can find these guys spotting up, there's not a lot of wasted motion. And they were making their shot today, it's tough to guard that. And they were big, but if they tried to close in on us we'd drive right by them.

On Bobby Jones taking Maraker out of his game: Bobby was huge today. Everything he brought today was big for us. Just the intensity he brought from the beginning of the game...I haven't seen him like that in a little while.

On the crowd being more pro-UW than expected: I thought the Arizona fans jumped on our side and helped us out today. I saw them stand up at the beginning and cheer for us. I know they were probably kind of dreading that a little, but they got behind us. I'm pretty sure our fans were out there helping them too. I'm going to try to get out there and watch them. I talked to Salim (Stoudamire) and Hassan (Adams) before the game. I told them to take care of business.
Pacific forward Christian Maraker:
On being shut down in the second half: I don't think they did much different the second half. I just got more focused on other things then what I was supposed to do. I kind of brought it on myself. I didn't step up when I needed to.

On last game being lopsided defeat: It hurts a little bit and getting blown out like that is never fun. But you have to give them credit because we didn't have an answer for them the second half. It seemed like they scored every time they had the ball. They played a great game.

Pacific guard David Doubley:
On Washington's defense: Washington really got up and pressured us especially early. We had a hard time running our offense early on but as the game went on we settled down a little more. We got a lot of open shots especially in the second half that we just didn't knock down.

On defenses Pacific faced during the season: That was the fastest defense that we've seen all season. Their team speed in exceptional. It's one of those things where you can't really prepare for a team that quick. You have to give them a lot of credit for being great athletes and they shut us down pretty good tonight.

On getting the ball into the post: It was pretty tough because they were denying everything as much as possible and they knew that that was what our strength was so they were doing everything they could to not let us get the ball into the post. We could have done a lot better job executing our offense. It just wasn't our day today, it just didn't work out. Top Stories