Albert and Matt hope to carry on Abiel's dream

Alex and Fia Toeaina were kind enough to let us know just exactly how difficult it was for their son Albert to pick a final destination where he'll earn his college degree and play football for the next four or five seasons.

Everyone knows that Albert had verballed to Washington on his trip in December but then changed his mind and went on trips to Oregon State, Utah, and Oregon to try and clarify things.

Albert had a segment on TV last night that you can view it on your computer - website; In it, he made his public announcement and signed with the University of Oregon.

"It's just been a wild ride, but it's all over now," writes Alex Toeaina.

"As his father, it was the Washington Huskies, and his mother, the Oregon Ducks. 1 AM Wednesday morning Albert surprised us and said, ‘Dad & Mom, I want to go to the Oregon State.' Albert led us to believe one thing, but he was really weighing things out heavily on his own. On our way to the signing party, Albert was set - even at 6:30 PM he was going to be a BEAVER! But after speaking with his friends he met on the trips and also talking to the Head coaches one last time, Albert shocked us all again," said proud papa Toeaina.

Albert picked up Washington's letter of intent, looked at it and put it down. Alex said that his heart dropped in disbelief. Then he picked up Oregon State's letter and looked at it. It got very quiet then.

"I think Albert can be a great actor (like his uncle Peter Tuiasosopo) because he had us in suspense to the 11 hour," said Alex. "He then picked up Oregon Ducks letter of intent and the atmosphere sort of picked up a little and all the cameras came towards him and Albert did it - he signed on the dotted line."

Mother Fia asked Albert, "What happened, why did you sign with the Oregon Ducks?" Albert replied, "because you like them mom!"

Mom then told son, "Look at it this way. Your Grandma Fefe's family, the Tuiasosopos, is doing an awesome job from Washington. Now from your Grandpa Toeaina's side, you and your cousin Matt can start a new trend at Oregon."

Matt Toeaina, a fullback, faxed in his letter to Oregon on Wednesday.

The Toeaina's are extremely proud of Matt because he is carrying his brother Abiel's (15) dream. Abiel was shot and killed at a Summer Basketball League in 1994.

The family wanted to send a special message to Reverend Albert and Ramona:

"Abiel did not die in vain. Mataifale "Matt" Toeaina III has stepped up and is doing a great job filling those big shoes of Abiel! That's exciting news for all of our family everywhere!"

It looks like the Ducks are getting quite a family in their corner. Best of luck to the entire Toeaina family, and we'll pull for Matt and Albert on every Saturday except for one (grin).

God rest Abiel's soul. Top Stories