Player Reaction - Louisville

ALBUQUERQUE - Here are player quotes from Washington's 93-79 loss to Louisville in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at the Pit. It wasn't the way they wanted to finish out the season, especially given how far they had come, but those that are returning now have a couple of post-season experiences under their belts.

Jamaal Williams:
On expecting to be one of the focal points of UW's offense: "They were going to sit in a zone, and when teams do that I'm in the middle of the offense and I get an opportunity to make plays in there."

On the result: "We just let our guard down with our defense and they put down some open threes. They were good shots. They played a great game today."

On their effectiveness on the offensive end: "With the offense they run it's hard to guard everybody and they have so many shooters. At any one time they have four guys that can shoot. When you get in a scramble situation you try to find their guys, but they put down good shots."

On going back to The Pit: "I went out there and tried to play hard. It has been a good experience. Too bad we had to go out like this, but it was fun to come back to Albuquerque and get a chance to play in the Pit again."

On looking ahead to next year: "I'll definitely remember this experience. I will be one of the older uys next year and I have to step my game up to another level and try to help the young guys get better and try to guide them through the next season. It's going to be important. But I feel like if the guys that we got coming in, if we stick together and help those guys along we should be OK."

Brandon Roy:
On not having the same success inside in the second half: "I heard their coach saying from the sideline to get that big guy out there and try to deny the pass to the middle. Tonight they just did a better job going inside out than we did. Jamaal (Williams) did a really good job inside. I think I did a pretty good job, but we didn't get those threes that we normally get. They did a really good job of scoring in the post and from three-point range. We just didn't stop anything they did.

On Nate Robinson leaving the game early with his third foul: "It was weird, actually. I was playing and kind of going through motions. I kind of looked over to coach and thought, 'hey, is Nate not in the game?'. They said he had three fouls. I was disappointed. We weren't aware of our fouls tonight and people say that we are an unselfish team. They give us a little bit of credit for that. Tonight, I finally saw a team that was more unselfish than us. They had no problem of beating us to the middle and kicking it out for an open three. Any time a team that is as good as they are and is as unselfish as they are, is a very dangerous team."

Mike Jensen:
On Louiville's performance: "They won it today and they were the better team."

On still believing the team finished on a high note: "I think this whole season was a high for our team. Our team did amazing things this year, from Nate, Tre, Bobby, 'Maal, Brandon Roy coming back from his knee injury ... I think we put Husky basketball back on the map this year. I'm proud of our whole team."

On attacking Louisville's 2-3 zone: "We wanted to try to and I thought we were pretty successful at it but we just couldn't put down some chip shots at the rim and didn't get stops when we needed to get stops."

On the difference in the game: "I don't think we made the smart play when we needed to make the smart play and I think that's why they got the better of us today."

On the turning point in the game: "I think when they got in a rhythm shooting those threes I think we started to put our heads down a little and then they got a couple of three-point plays and we just weren't able to recover from that run."

On the physical play: "It was very physical but we expected that kind of game. Anyone who was watching the game might have questioned some of the calls that were made, but you can't change what the officials will do."

On taking this experience and moving forward to next year: "I think you live and learn, take the good with the bad. We had a great season. Husky basketball is now something to be feared. I think when we come out on the floor we'll come out with a new purpose and we'll be ready to go."

Bobby Jones:
On the Sweet 16 game: "It was a great year for us, I'm sorry that we lost, but we lost to a good team. They definitely deserved a higher seed than that. It's a sad day, but that's part of basketball. You live and you learn."

On Washington's game plan: "We wanted to get the ball in the middle and we knew that we had a lot of guys that could create and get scores. We did a good job of getting the ball in the middle and making good decisions with Brandon and Jamaal. I think it was more of our defense. We weren't able to box out and get to their shooters in time."

On Louisville matching UW's physicality: "They did a real good job. They frustrated a lot of players, including me, by the way they play. Our coaches told us what to expect, but once you get on the court you feel it. You feel like you aren't going to get calls or whatever the case may be - you get frustrated. Then you are off your game. I think that happened with a lot of our players."

On using this game as motivation for next year: "Unless we win the national championship, you've always got something to strive for. We were that close, yet so far away. I'm definitely taking this as a learning experience with all the exposure and the publicity, but we didn't win it all. That should motivate us to work harder in the off-season."

Tre Simmons:
On the difference in the game: "They just outrebounded us. Personally I think the calls went their way a little bit, but you can't argue that. We tried to stop them, but we couldn't. We made runs, but things just didn't go our way."

On whether or not he would consider his final year a success: "It was a successful season. We've turned this program around in two seasons, and I know the coaches really appreciate that."

On the early foul trouble: "I think that was a big impact. The other guys had to step up and play more minutes. That was probably one of their goals, to get one of our leading scorers in foul trouble and they did a good job of it. Those fouls had a big impact in the game."

On whether or not he felt the game was called consistently: "Not on both ends of the court."

Nate Robinson:
On whether or not his foul trouble could have changed the outcome of the game: "It would have been a closer game. We would have been able to put down more shots. It might of, but it was probably meant to be like this. I don't regret anything in the world. It's not like, 'If I could have played like this...', it was meant for our team to play like we did."

On the physical nature of the game: "They were physical. They were a tough team and we battled them. But the ball just bounced more in their direction than ours."

On Otis George's screen on Bobby Jones: "We knew from watching film that they set screens like that, and we were yelling it out but it was so hard to hear. Bobby is a tough dude, we played through it. With the way they played, I take my hat off to 'em. They played a hell of a game. They shot the ball well, they got the ball inside and they did so many things. I wouldn't be surprised if they won the whole things."

On how tough Louisville's 2-3 zone was: "Honestly it wasn't all that tough, but we weren't making our shots. We just didn't shoot the ball well as a team."

On trying to penetrate the zone from outside: "They are so long, but we've played against UCLA and other teams that have zoned us, so it's no excuse. It just happens. We didn't shoot the ball well the whole game."

On his third foul tangling up with Francisco Garcia: "He pulled me and I fell with him and they called it on me."

On playing the second half tentative: "I didn't want a cheap one called on me. I wanted to play tough, but there's so many things you've got to think about."

Will Conroy:
On the play of Louisville's perimeter players: "They're real good. They do a lot of things in their offense that kind of expose what we do in defense. We try to change up our approach as far as our defense as far as strategy - we'll stay home and contest shots. But when you are doing something for the whole year you get so entwined in falling back to what you're used to. They sucked us in. They kicked out the threes out there. They did a gret job of driving us. When it looked like they could shoot lay-ups, they kicked it out for three. and more importantly, they did a good job of making the shots. It's one thing to shoot them, it's another to make them. They made shots again tonight as they did against Georgia Tech."

On being satisfied at the end of his career: "That's a tough question. I'm one of those guys that's not satisfied. I don't think anybody on our team is satisfied. We know we had a great year, but we had our own self-expectations. We expected ourselves to do much better. Just like every other team in the Sweet Sixteen, it's about who is the best team that night and tonight Louisville was the best team. They played like it. They stuck together. They were a mature team and a little more mature than ... I thought that maybe they would break after we went up seven, eight. They stuck together and they kept it tight. They bounced back and that is a dangerous team." Top Stories