Lorenzo Romar post-season news and notes

Lorenzo Romar watching a television is not an uncommon sight. Most of the time it will have something to do with breaking down film on potential recruits or scouting an opponent. But the UW Head Basketball Coach recently used his down time after a Sweet-16 exit to do what? Watch TV. When you're a hoops junkie, you've got to get your fix any way you can get it - even if the pusher has moved on to the Final Four in St. Louis.

"It was hard, but I was able to watch pretty much every game that was played," Romar told Dawgman.com Wednesday. "Then I got right back to work on Monday." Watching the Illinois-Arizona game was something that gave Romar the chills. It's one of the few times he can say with accuracy that he has been in Lute Olson's shoes.

"Those haunt you, but it's never happened to me on that kind of stage with that much on the line," Romar said of the 'Cats collapse, noting that back in the day, his Saint Louis Billikens were up 14 with 5 minutes to go at Tulane before succumbing to the power of the Green Wave.

Romar will take just a little more 'me' time this evening to watch two of his 2005 signees - Martell Webster and Jon Brockman - play in the McDonald's All-American game on ESPN. He acknowledged that the coaches have been in contact with all the signees to make sure they are doing everything they need to do in order to enroll at UW this summer. Right now, Roburt Sallie is the only player that has not received a qualifying test score. He's awaiting the results of an SAT exam he took a couple of weeks ago.

"They will get here this summer and go through summer school," Romar said when asked about his class. "They will work on their conditioning and strength and get acclimated to life here at the University of Washington from the academic side and we'll go from there."

The biggest question that Romar will be faced with as the 2005-2006 team is assembled is that of available room. With Brandon Roy and Nate Robinson looking to test NBA waters and Hakeem Rollins, Tre Simmons and Will Conroy all graduating, there's room for players. But will there be space for all those signed to don the purple and gold?

"We knew this was a possibility last October, so it's not like this was sprung on us," Romar said matter-of-factly. It's clear that the UW Head Coach expects the numbers to cruch out just so, regardless of all the mind-numbing scenarios currently in place.

One scenario has both Roy and Robinson jumping for the lure and lucre of the professional ranks. What is Romar's role in helping his players make the best decisions for themselves? "We definitely have a lot of interaction, but I feel like I'm more of an advisor," he said. "Each guy is different. Some want a lot of help and others have a good feel for what's going on. We also have other guys on our staff that are familiar with this process that are available to help. I feel my role is to gather as much information as possible for our guys and let them know what we find out and what the people are saying about them."

Roy and Robinson are getting the ink, but when it comes to pro potential, don't sleep on Conroy, adds Romar. "He's got a shot," Lorenzo said when asked whether the senior guard has a shot to make it at the next level. "I'm not going to tell you that he's a shoe-in, but when he gets to a camp and they see his leadership and how much passion he has, he could possibly make someone's roster," he said of Will. "He's proven a lot of people wrong over the years, that's for sure."

Besides acting as professional advisor, Romar and staff are now in the process of organizing recruiting trips for high school juniors during April contact period. College coaches can now meet with players, coaches and parents on their own campuses. "Last year, having to fill so many scholarships, there was so much hard work put into it," Romar said when comparing this year's recruiting effort with last year. "There will still be a lot of hard work, but just not as many numbers this year."

The momentum generated by winning the Great Alaska Shootout and Pac-10 Tournament will help smooth the way for another stellar class. "We've gained credibility based on the past two seasons," said Romar.

Zach Attack, hoops style: Zach Johnson, the 6-foot-9 frosh from Sacramento, California has been a new face on Romar's bench of late. "He's coming along well," Romar said of Johnson's knee surgery. "He practiced with us during the last couple of weeks of the year, and during our individuals, he'll be going through them just like everyone else will."

Good help is hard to find: Now that the season for high-major assistants taking vacant D1 jobs is upon us, is Romar concerned that his guys - namely Cameron Dollar - will bolt for a head-coaching opportunity? "Not to my knowledge right now," he said.

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