Hard work ahead for Yarber

It's that time of year again. Pads are cracking and coaches' whistles are ringing through Husky Stadium as spring football takes center stage at Montlake. New UW Head Coach Tyrone Willingham will put his players through the paces for the next four weeks as this will be the first time he and his staff will get a look at what sort of team they will have.

Most Husky fans are hoping to see some improvement from the wide receivers this season and the man who will be molding this young and relatively inexperienced group sat down with Dawgman.com and explained what he expects out of his players.

"We want playmakers," Receivers Coach Eric Yarber said emphatically. "You can be a possession guy and be a playmaker. That is what we are going to stress. We want these guys to play fast and physical and finish plays."

Over the last couple of weeks Yarber, in addition to buying a house, has had a chance to sit down and watch a lot of game film and while the results weren't there he saw some good things too.

"The receiving corps looks decent," Yarber said. "They're young and inexperienced, but I think their best football is ahead of them."

Yarber acknowledged that the entire unit was beset with injuries and that he is looking forward to seeing what he really has to work with, but one player stuck out in his mind. "That (Craig) Chambers kid impressed me a little bit," he said. "Hopefully, we'll get to see more out of the rest of the crew."

Yarber is the third coach the receivers have had in as many seasons, so the first few days are going to be about familiarizing themselves with the way he does things. "The first couple days, I'm going to be introducing the drills I like to do," Yarber said. "They are going to know the tone and pace I like to practice at. I want them to play fast and physical and finish plays."

Since this is his first season coaching under Willingham, one might think that Yarber may need some time to get used to Willingham's way of doing things…not so said Yarber.

"Tyrone is not a stern disciplinarian, but he cares about the kids," Yarber said matter-of-factly. "Coach (Dennis) Erickson and Ty are a lot alike in that aspect. They care about the kids. They are both great coaches and both know X's and O's."

One familiar face for Yarber is offensive coordinator Tim Lappano. Both coached under Erickson at Oregon State and then with the San Francisco 49ers. "Coach Lappano and I come from the same program," Yarber said. "We are in the same frame of mind as far as X's and O's are concerned and where teaching is concerned."

Now on the eve of spring drills Yarber is only looking forward to one thing. "Getting back on that football field; sweating and working hard," he said.

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