Former UW Signee Emerges

Donte Nicholson is a name Husky recruitniks remember fondly. The 6-1, 210-pound Nicholson was supposed to be part of the Washington recruiting class of 2000, but academics took their toll on Donte's dreams. Now he's back on track and looking to Seattle to help fulfill a promise he made two years ago.

"My year went pretty well," Donte told last night about his first year at Mount San Antonio Junior College in Walnut, California. "I had 85 tackles, 4 interceptions and 3 fumble recoveries. I was a JC All-American, second-team. I was defensive player of the year for my league. I think I had a pretty good year for being off a year."

Is there anything Nicholson has improved upon from his days wearing the purple and white for Diamond Bar High? "Probably covering people," he said. "I'm able to cover people a lot better. It's becoming a lot easier. And just understanding the game better."

While he isn't being recruited yet, expect Donte to get the red carpet treatment starting in the fall of 2002. "I'm still getting letters from Oregon State and Washington, but I haven't talked to any coaches yet," he said. Nicholson is also a little wary of getting too caught up in the recruiting process the second time around, but he is looking forward to the meals. "Of course!" Donte said with a laugh when thinking about the extravagant dinners held for him and the other prospective student-athletes when he took official recruiting visits two years ago. "And when it comes down to recruiting, I just want to play at the school where I know I can play at."

With that in mind, Donte has in mind one school, a college that will take him back to where it all began. "Probably at Washington," Nicholson said. "I watch them on TV. When I watch them I'm thinking, 'I can be there, I can be doing that.' I know Washington produces a lot of good safeties and I know they have some good ones there now but I think I can be a player there."

Nicholson will be a mid-year transfer for the recruiting class of 2003, regardless of destination. "I graduate in December of 2002," he said. "That means I can play spring ball next year."

While All-American honors this year give fans a glimpse into the untapped potential of Donte Nicholson, he knows that he has a lot to work on. "My whole game, really," he said when asked what refinements he's making. "I'm still working on covering, because the coaches want to use me to cover too, so I'm still working on that." Top Stories