Tolar takes in scrimmage

Pasco's Ryan Tolar was one of many recruits to attend the first UW 'scrimmage' back on April 9th. We spoke to Ryan and he gave us his impressions on the day, including what he thought of the Huskies' practice session. He also filled us in on the recruiting process, his current list of scholarship offers and his plans for making a decision down the road.

"It was awesome. We showed up in the morning," said Tolar. "It was me, Cameron Elisara, Taylor Mays and Brandon Jones. We talked with Coach Willingham for a little bit and then we went into their team meeting for a little bit and then we went to the individual meetings. I went to the OL meeting and it was a blast. I learned a lot of things and I could see that there's a lot of stuff that's pretty much the same as high school in terms of philosophies on blocking schemes and stuff like that.

"We met up with some other people and went out and watched the scrimmage. It was a lot of fun, it was intense. It was hard-hitting and fast. It was fun getting a chance to talk to the players on the team that were hurt."

Tolar has been making the regional rounds, especially to Oregon, Washington and Washington State, but don't read more into that than what there is. Ryan and Pascso teammate Bryant Whitby were both expected to visit Washington State this past weekend during their spring game. "I'm real open to everybody and the distance factor doesn't mean anything to me, but the opportunity to go up to some schools and take unofficial visits and get a feel for the schools is the biggest thing right now," he said. All of those schools have offered, as well as Arizona State and Nebraska.

Are there any new offers on the horizon? "We're going up to Idaho and the coach talked about an offer, but it's not official yet," said Tolar. Another reason why Ryan is reticent on slowing his recruitment down now despite his fistful of offers is that new schools are sending him materials every day. This past week it was Kansas State, Boston College and Utah. "I keep hearing from new schools, so I'm going to wait it through, look at my options down the road and then decide on my official visits and go from there," he said.

"Everybody's equal, even the schools I haven't gotten offers from yet. It's a long process and a tough decision."

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