Junior Profile - Brett Thielke

Brett Thielke is a 6-5, 285-pound offensive lineman from Issaquah (Wash.) Skyline, and while Brett is still just a junior he's been hearing from a lot of colleges intrigued with his play.

"I've gotten letters from Michigan, Purdue, Northwestern, Washington, Washington State, Stanford, Arizona, Arizona State and Oregon," Thielke told Dawgman.com. "The first letter I received was from Michigan. That was pretty crazy because I have loved Michigan since I was born. That was pretty cool. It's a new experience for me to actually get recognition for something that I love to do. That's cool."

Brett plays both ways for Skyline, but prefers offensive tackle. "That's where I'm getting the most recognition," he said. Last season he earned First Team All KingCo and All-Eastside honors. "I've been told that my speed is very good for how big I am and that my footwork is really good."

Is he a better run blocker or pass blocker? "I can do it all," Thielke says with a laugh that was more self-effacing than anything. "Actually I'd say I'm stronger in my pass blocking because it's so emphasized in our spread offense that we have. My coach, Paul Ringstad, has really drilled the whole discipline of pass blocking into us pretty well over the past three years."

And his demeanor on the field? "I'm very quiet and really focused," Thielke said. "I don't let outside things distract me. I never talk any trash. I just play the game and focus on what I'm doing at that point in time."

Brett is a tireless worker, and that work extends past the football field. "I'm planning on working with a personal trainer who is offering classes," he said. "We'll break down the position I'm working on, left tackle, and basically design a workout around getting the skills I need for that position heightened."

It's before early for Brett with regards to the recruiting process, but he has an idea as to the region he would like to play in at the next level. "Right now, all the West Coast schools are looking really promising to me, like Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Stanford and Colorado," he said. He was on vacation last weekend with his family, so he was not able to attend Washington's Junior Day.

He has no offers yet, but expect that to change soon.

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