Recruiting through the years – continued

I dug up some old Street and Smith College Football Previews, and a friend of mine, known as <b>The Law</b>, did some homework as well so we've got some more names to throw out to everybody that was following recruiting nearly a decade before the internet.

What follows is from the magazine's "Cream of the college frosh" list. Street and Smith's never went into individual class details or rankings. So the best I can do is just list players they mentioned and go from there. Rankings are calculated by the number of players each team had on the list. In the case of ties, I chose the school that had a particular position of potential greater impact.

In other words, I affixed more value for a QB than a RB or a WR. Right or wrong, we couldn't have ties, could we?

There's no real point in ranking the actual classes of the Pac10 in these years based on the fact that one school or another had more players from these lists. But, I figured I had to list them in some order.

The writer credited with the work from the magazine is Doug Huff from the Wheeling Intelligencer. The magazine also included a High School All-America section, detailing some of the exploits of the best players entering their senior years. Then, they would list what seems like every high school player in the country in their "Other Seniors to Watch" lists. I make mention of one humorous notation from this list below.
Rank Team        Players Noted
1    USC         Travis Knox (wr), Marlon Washingon (wr),
                 Aaron Emanuel (rb/db) Chuck Ebertin (Int L),
                 Brent Parkinson (Int L), Delmar Chesley (lb/de)
2    UCLA        Frank Cornish (Int L), Rick Meyer (Int L)
3    ASU         Mike Johnson (qb)
4    Cal         Marc Hicks (rb/db)
5    Wash        Tim Esary (lb/de)
6    Stanford    Ray Huckestein (Int L)
7    Arizona     None listed
7    Oregon      None listed
7    OSU         None listed
7    WSU         None listed

Other Players of note from the list of 108 incoming Freshmen:
QB: No players of note from the list of 17.
WR: Hart Lee Dykes (Ok St)
RB/DB: Eric Metcalf (Tex), Andre Rison (MSU)
Int L: Andy Heck (ND), Mark Stepnoski (Pitt)
LB/DE: Ned Bolcar (ND)
My Comments: The USC teams at the end of the 80s were very successful, but not because of Emanuel or any of these other guys. I vaguely recall Parkinson being a contributor.
Rank Team       Players Noted
1    UCLA       Charles Arbuckle (wr), Anthony Burnett (rb/db),
                Eric Turner (rb/db), Randy Austin (lb/de),
                Brian Jones (lb/de), Rocen Keeton (lb/de)
2    USC        Mark Carrier (rb/db), Cleveland Colter (rb/db),
                Tim Ryan (Int L)
3    Wash       Eric Canton (rb/db), Dennis Brown (Int L),
                Adam Cooney (Int L)
4    Stanford   Ed McCaffrey (wr), Mike Kohlmoos (Int L)
5    Arizona    Art Greathouse (rb/db)
6    ASU        Michael Simmons (Int L)
7    Cal        None listed
7    Oregon     None listed
7    OSU        None listed
7    WSU        None listed

Other Players of note from the list of 103 incoming Freshmen:
QB: Jeff George (Pur), Dan McGwire (Iowa), Tony Rice (ND)
RB/DB: James Joseph (Aub), Leroy Butler (FSU)
LB/DE: Mike Stonebreaker (ND)
My Comments: A lot of future stars on the list above from the Pac10. I recall the Mark Carrier and Eric Turner recruiting battles the most because the UW came in second on both those guys. I don't recall George's exact path to the NFL, but it started at Purdue and McGwire's ended up at San Diego State.
Rank Team        Players Noted
1    UCLA        Jim Bonds (qb), Brian Kelly (Int L),
                 Scott Spalding (Int L)
                 Matt Darby (lb/de), Andre Farr (lb/de), Sean Howard (lb/de)
2    Stanford    Jason Palumbis (qb), Corey Booker (wr),
                 Ryan Shae (Int L)
3    USC         Scott Lockwood (rb/db), Marvin Pollard (rb/db),
                 Junior Seau (lb/de)
4    Wash        Eugene Burkholder (rb/db), Terrence Powe (Int L)
                 Corey Brown (lb/de)
5    ASU         Leonard Russell (rb/db), James Watkins (rb/db)
6    Arizona     None listed
6    Cal         None listed
6    Oregon      None listed
6    OSU         None listed
6    WSU         None listed

Other Players of note from the list of 115 incoming Freshmen:
QB: Ty Detmer (BYU), Craig Erickson (Mia), Kent Graham (Ohio St),
Brad Johnson (FSU), Deems May (NC), Matt Rodgers (Iowa)
K: John Kasay (UGA, first kicker from the lists that has made money).
RB/DB: Eric Bienemy (Col), Vaughn Dunbar (UI), Leodis Flowers (Neb),
George Hemingway (Col), Emmitt Smith (Fla), Ricky Watters (ND)
Int L: David Rocker (Aub), Greg Skrepenak (Mich), Marc Spindler (Pitt)
LB/DE: Keith McCants (Ala), John Derby (Iowa), Keith Traylor (JC)
My Comments: UCLA with another great haul. Of course Jim Bonds didn't exactly light up the Pac10. Then again, neither did Jason Palumbis. Note Iowa's two guys on the list that helped lead them to the 91 Rose Bowl. And Keith Tractor Traylor who was heading to JC is on this list. Colorado is heavy on the lists also, with Bienemy and Hemingway. Washington's Terrence Powe wound up really backfiring on them. He was highly regarded but his off-the-field activities are what he's most remembered for.
Rank Team        Players Noted
1    UCLA        Bret Johnson (qb), Kevin Williams (rb/db), Brian Jacobs (Int L)
2    ASU         Kevin Galbreath (rb/db), Arnold Laws (rb/db)
3    USC         Todd Marinovich (qb), Ron Dale (k)
4    Wash        Mike Lustyk (Int L)
5    Arizona     None listed
5    Cal         None listed
5    Oregon      None listed
5    OSU         None listed
5    Stanford    None listed
5    WSU         None listed

Other Players of note from the list of 78 incoming Freshmen:
QB: Darian Hagan (Col), Kirk Herbstreit (Ohio St, then ESPN)
RB/DB: Courtney Hawkins (MSU), Glyn Milburn (Okla)
WR: Derek Brown (ND), Carl Pickens (Ten), Leslie Shepherd (Mia)
Int L: Chester McGlockton (Clem)
LB/DE: Arnold Ale (ND)
K: Chris Gardocki (Clem)
My Comments: This is the year that most interests Husky fans. With Robo-QB and Bust Johnson, where is Mark Brunnell? Looks like Dick Baird knew a thing or two about quarterbacks, huh? Mike Lustyk is noted, but where is Steve Emtman? Another recruiting gem by Baird. The name that got my blood boiling was Kevin Williams. Didn't he kill Huskies in 90? Another piece of the Colorado puzzle is added with Hagan and another piece of the ESPN puzzle is added with Herbstreit. Milburn ended up transferring to Stanford and I believe Ale wound up at UCLA.
Rank Team        Players Noted
1    USC         Curtis Conway (qb), Brad Banta (wr), Mike Hinz (Int L)
2    Wash        Bill Hobert (qb), Tommie Smith (rb/db)
3    UCLA        Patrick Bates (rb/db), Carlton Gray (rb/db)
4    ASU         Mickey Reeves (rb/db), Vance Ross (wr)
5    Stanford    Bob Whitfield (Int L), Paul Stonehouse (k)
6    Cal         Russell White (rb/db)
7    Arizona     Michael Bates (rb/db)
8    Oregon      None listed
8    OSU         None listed
8    WSU         None listed

Other Players of note from the list of 75 incoming Freshmen:
QB: Bryan Fortay (Mia), Rick Mirer (ND)
RB/DB: Derek Brown (Neb), Terry Kirby (UVA), Burnie Legette (Mich) Dorsey Levens (ND)
WR: Horace Copeland (Ten), Kevin Williams (Mia)
Int L: Junior Bryant (ND), Sean Gilbert (Pit), Alonzo Spellman (Ohio St)
LB/DE: Shane Dronett (Tex), Antonio London (Ala)
K: Craig Hentrich (ND)
My Comments: I just love reading "Bill Hobert". Did anyone recall him being called anything other than "Billie Joe?" I rank Cal ahead of Arizona because at the time, Russell White had broken every record in California High School. Yet, Tommie Smith was the California Player of the Year. Dorsey Levens started at ND and ended up transferring. But the funniest thing from this era was the listing of a QB who was entering his senior year in high school. His name: Chris Weinke.
Update of previous story on 90-2001: From

Team      Rank    Key Player
UCLA       1      Marcedes Lewis
USC        2      Darnell Bing
Wash       3      Isaiah Stanback
ASU        4      Terry Richardson
Stanford   5      Trent Edwards
Arizona    6      Ryan O'Hara
Oregon     7      Haloti Ngata
WSU        8      Sammy Moore
OSU        9      James Finley
Cal       10      Kevin Johnson	
Most Interesting Comment: (TE Marcedes Lewis) has all the tools to play on Sundays and is also a tremendous pass rusher. – PacWestFootball.