Coach Speak

Huskies head coach Tyrone Willingham met with the media to discuss his thoughts and concerns of yesterday's Spring Scrimmage following the game and a short time later, Defensive coordinator Kent Baer and Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano followed to share their thoughts.

Head coach Tyrone Willingham

On his concerns coming off out of spring practices
Overall the biggest concern I have walking off the field is just our transition, transition from practice to game. We have to play a lot faster and a lot more assertive. I think some of that is probably due to the fact that it is a new system. Therefore you are not getting the same fluidness that you have if you've done it over and over.

On the quarterback situation going into the fall
I don't think when we can effectively work four quarterbacks. We have to work over the summer as well as our thoughts from today, as well as the other 14 days. I don't think it's fair to them or our football team. But we'll still have a battle for that one, two, and three spot when we arrive in the fall.

On if the running clock was a nuisance
No, because there are a lot of goals that take place in a spring practice and a lot of that takes place before you get to the spring game. What the coach tries to do is to avoid the worst thing that could happen to your football team (injury). That would set us back more than anything else would. So you want to be able to start this next period of training healthy. Our guys that didn't participate this spring are much closer to being ready now than when we started. Clockwise it is difficult, but there is another goal in mind and that is to get a healthy football team.

On what he expects from the tam during the summer
I would imagine we would have somewhere between 90-99% staying. That's modern college football. We can't get better unless we work together, talk together, and spend that time together. I'm hoping all our guys would stay here for the summer.

One, you have to be here. Then, we have to establish a level of communication, then we have to have some very serious workouts and get us the most explosive, strongest, and most knowledgeable team we can be.

Defensive coordinator Kent Baer

On his overall thoughts
We got through it with no injuries and my biggest thing is just to see how hard and physical we played and obviously we didn't do much and neither did the offense. It was just a good way to finish it and I think the last week of spring ball has been good for us. We made a lot of progress. We're miles ahead of where we started, but we're miles away from where we need to be. You get to a point like this in spring ball and you wish you had another week. Overall, it was OK.

On the lack of depth at the corners
It's tough. We were really counting on those junior college corners coming in but we made some progress with the guys that are here this spring. The good news is that there are some guys that stepped in and we developed some depth that way. I like what some of those corners did this spring.

On the defensive line rotation
We need to guys to get healthy to develop some depth. Anytime you have competition at a spot it makes it better. I'm not sure we had that yet with the guys that are hurt. I'm hoping we can get to a point where we can play eight guys. Ever since I've been a defensive coordinator, we've been fortunate to have some guys that can rotate.

You certainly can not judge it off of today. One of the things I felt we needed to do was improve our run defense and I think we are making progress there. I'm concerned about how hard we're playing and I'm never satisfied with that. I think we're making improvements, but we're not where we need to be yet.

Offensive coordinator Tim Lappano

Good defense or struggling offense?
I think we struggled. Upstairs looking at it, we looked really slow and sluggish. I didn't see any bursts, I didn't anyone really separate out of their breaks, I didn't see any backs look like they can push it and break and run.

On Shelton Sampson
Just watching it upstairs, the guy that stood out to me was Shelton Sampson. He looked like he hit a couple and showed some speed. The thing that I liked about his was that he got physical. We watched every game from last year, and the thing I noticed about him was that he had a tendency to get his shoulders to the sidelines last year. He straightened that up this year and he's getting more physical getting his shoulders straight up. We might look at him at a receiver position because he's a weapon. We don't have a lot of speed, and when you have a weapon like that, it's our job as coaches to find a way to plug him in and design a couple plays for him to get his hands on the football. I have a couple in mind but I don't want to get in that right now. I love his bursts and his speed and I think he can be a weapon for us. He has too much speed to stand on the sidelines and look at us. Other than that, we seemed like we were really slow and sluggish. We didn't play fast enough.

On the play of the quarterbacks
We had Isaiah start out and the second play of the game was disappointing because we had a flea-flicker called and we had a tight end open down the middle of the field. You hit that for a touchdown and today might be totally different. You get some confidence offensively, which these guys need. These guys haven't had success offensively here in a while and when you can hit that big play like that, it gives you momentum. That was a golden opportunity to give the offense a boost and get some momentum and that didn't happen. We struggled in making some reads and accuracy all around, we weren't sharp. I think a lot of that has to do with splitting the offensive line. We try to make these things as even as we could.

I didn't see anything out there today that made them elevate themselves. It's been kind of frustrating today. I didn't see anybody stand out and take over. I know one thing, we're going to have to limit reps. Come August, we can't get four ready when we practice for real. They kind of know that's coming. Everybody got a fair shake. I think I know every quarterbacks' strength and weakness.

I'll be real honest. I'm looking at three right now that will battle. But today, I didn't see anyone stand out today.

On the flow of the game
With a running clock, the game is gone before it started. We were very 'vanilla,' but the stuff that we ran, is the stuff that we would do everyday. We should be able to run the ball in our two-back sets. I didn't even put in any one-back sets except for a draw. Our two-back run game was the most disappointing thing to me in the whole scrimmage. We want to be physical and bring back the two-back run game to the University of Washington. To me, that was really disappointing because we had success with that for three weeks and there wasn't much room for those guys and when it was there, we didn't burst through. Top Stories