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Three guys that were in the fishbowl all spring, in terms of competing for a key role on this team, spoke with our own Henry Han about what they feel as camp breaks and summer approaches.

Isaiah Stanback - "I missed a couple things, but I just couldn't get into a groove with the running clock but overall, we had a good spring. The clock was going fast and we switched off every quarter. You only have something like four minutes to work with the running clock."

"I'm a lot more mature than I was last year. It's a different offense, but I'm better than I was."

"I think we got a lot done this spring. Seeing how we have a new coaching staff and a brand new system, we did a pretty good job as a team in taking in the information and showing it on the field."

As for the quarterback race, Stanback is very pragmatic. "I haven't thought about it. We are all one team and I'm not going to stress myself by wondering where I'm at on the depth chart so if I play, I'll take care of business but whatever happens, happens."

Carl Bonnell - "Learning a new offense, I was pretty frustrated with when I was trying to pick up stuff. Athletically, I showed them what I got and come August, try to earn a spot. I don't think anyone's earned a spot so far."

"I don't think today was very indicative of how we play. Today was surprising to me how we played. Offensively, we need to play better."

"If I do what I have to do, and show leadership and do the things a starting quarterback has to do, I'll win the job. I know what I need to do to get the position."

Johnny DuRocher - "I think we need to get a lot of the guys to stay here. I think a lot of guys are and we need to get stuff done. We need the right attitude then it becomes fun this summer."

"My performance was average. I thought I made some good decisions and made some good throws. There are a couple of throws I want back but it's the spring game and we're not as polished as we want to be. But we're not playing tomorrow. We have three months. I think we made some good strides, but we're not where we need to be."

"Hopefully (the coaches will) see how I work this summer and the way I go about things, they'll see what kind of player I am. It's going to come down to this fall and I think all of us realize it."

"There's some stuff that coming together but at the same time, I am new here. My living situation is what throws me off the most. Football is coming around. I thin the last couple of practices, I've turned the corner and see things and recognize and that's half the battle."

"It won't be a big deal if I'm not the starter against Air Force. It'll be a HUGE deal. I think that this summer, I have to do everything I can to make sure that when we go out there against Air Force, I'm the guy. And these guys (other quarterbacks) are not going to lie down."

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