Freeman cut from the same cloth

When Pasadena (Calif.) College cornerback Qwenton Freeman signed a letter of intent to play for Washington, it's possible the UW coaches knew that they were really getting a two-fer. And we're not talking about teammate Marlon Wood. Freeman's younger brother Juston was watching Qwenton's recruitment with interest and talked to about his own game and his own thoughts about a possible future with the Huskies.

Freeman is a 5-11, 200-pound running back/safety for Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California, a school located away from the hustle and bustle of the greater-Los Angeles area. Freeman, who prepped at John Muir High School in Pasadena, picked AVC for very specific reasons.

"There's a lot of gang-banging and violence, a lot of negative stuff," he said of his time in Pasadena. "That kind of stuff got to me, so that's why I moved away. I don't want to be around all of that."

Juston, like Wood at PCC, has moved around a bit when it comes to one particular position. "Last year I played running back because we didn't have a running back and I'm not a selfish player," he said. "This year our whole secondary has graduated, so I'm going to play free safety and make sure no one gets behind me. I also start at punt return and kick return for my squad."

Freeman ran 106 times for 406 yards in 9 games in 2004. He ended up with 564 yards of total offense. It's possible he could end up playing both ways for AVC this fall. "When I have the ball, they call me a little Peter Warrick because of my cuts," he said when asked about his style. "That's one thing I have is my open field ability. It's hard to tackle me and I have great strength. On defense, I'm a great wrap-up tackler and love to square up."

Freeman went to the May 7th SoCal combine. "I wasn't supposed to participate because I had an ankle injury, but I wanted to go because I'm a tough guy. I'll run on the ankle," he said. "I ran a 4.52 on the ankle, but I buckled my knee and couldn't do the one-on-ones afterward. It upset me a little bit, but I wasn't supposed to be out there.

"I've got to show my brother up, he's the one that put me out there."

Washington coaches were in attendance, and Freeman was noticed. "They love my size. They've been in contact with me and they are aware of me," said Juston. "When Tyrone Willingham was at Notre Dame, he was recruiting me. I was getting hand-written letters from him."

Freeman also benched 185 pounds 15 times. His best recorded 40 was a 4.45 last spring and his best vertical jump is 37 inches. But what he's most proud of right now are the marks he's putting down in the classroom. "The grades are great," he said. "So when the schools that are recruiting me see my transcripts and see that I'm on track to graduate and I'm not failing any classes - they are trying to verbal me. But I'm not going to do that yet ... I'm waiting on Tyrone." Freeman is on track to graduate next May with three years to play two.

When talking about recruiting, Freeman is pretty determined to join Qwenton in Seattle. "Every day I get a letter from Washington. It's really exciting," he said, noting that he's also received at least one hand-written letter from Willingham. "I'm looking forward to playing with my brother. I'm waiting for that. I'm not trying to look around to other schools. Cal-Berkeley is the only other school I'm taking into consideration because they are recruiting me and have been since high school. But I'm not going to go there and be disrepectful to Tyrone, my brother, and the Washington Huskies. I'm not going to do that. I really just want to go to Washington, so I think that's what it's going to be."

Juston also said that Boise State came by during the spring, but then quickly went back to his original point. "I know that when my mind is set, I want to come to Washington," he said.

"It looks like I'm going to verbal in the summer."

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