More defections bolster Big Ten coverage annonces the addition of two more publishers - Tim O'Halloran of and Roy Lamberton of - dedicated to covering Big Ten schools. The network earlier this week announced the addition of another Big Ten publisher, Alan McDonald of

SEATTLE - Not long after the collapse of, Tim O'Halloran, known as Edgy Tim to his fans, signed with another network and almost immediately regretted it.

"Ten or fifteen minutes after I signed, I sat back and thought about that big convention we had with Rivals at the Venetian Hotel (in Las Vegas)," said O'Halloran, publisher of "And I thought, 'That SOB Jim Heckman (CEO of is going to put everything back together again, and I'm going to be kicking myself.' "

Heckman did put things back together and O'Halloran kicked himself, but has rectified the situation by signing an agreement with that will be implemented when his contract with Alliance Sports expires. In addition to his prep coverage, O'Halloran will publish a site for that will cover University of Illinois sports. also announced today the signing of Roy Lamberton, publisher of, which covers Northwestern University sports, to an agreement that also will be implemented when his contract with Alliance Sports expires. Between Lamberton, O'Halloran and Alan McDonald of (Wisconsin), network this week has added, as Lamberton says, "the geographical middle of the Big Ten."

Lamberton, a Northwestern graduate in speech, added, "By next season, our coverage of the Big Ten will be as good as anybody's. Our recruiting coverage will be excellent. Tim is a great evaluator of talent, and if anyone gets Northwestern's recruiting juices going, it's Chris Pool (of Chris is probably the biggest reason we decided to join"

O'Halloran, who has operated for seven years, has worked for various scouting and recruiting services. His site was voted the No. 1 prep football site by Chicago Sun-Times readers, and he and his work have been cited in the Chicago Tribune and various national and regional publications and radio shows.

"I'm really happy to be back with the Original," O'Halloran said. "That's what I call Heckman. He was the one who had the vision for all of this online. He was the one who had the gleam in his eye to do it again. I really think he's doing it better than before. I don't want to just be good, I want to be great, and Heckman gives me a better situation in which to become that." Top Stories