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After a year of being one of the most highly-touted recruits in the state, Bellevue RB J.R. Hasty is ready to begin his career with the Washington Huskies. Hasty sat down with Dawgman.com recently to update us on how his final year of school is going, his thoughts on his soon-to-be former teammates and what he will be doing this summer.

"I'm just working on finishing up school and working out. I'm trying to work out and keep in shape a little bit," said an understated Hasty.

Rumors were that Hasty was going to run track or play baseball this spring, but track got most of his attention. "I ran track for a little bit," Hasty said. "I didn't run in any meets. I didn't have a lot of time because I went to a lot of the UW practices. So I mainly just focused on working out.

"I've been pretty much hitting the weights. I go to a trainer that helps me and E.J. (Savannah) work on our balance, speed and our core, pretty much the whole body. We work on every part of our body in all our workouts."

After four-straight state championships, Hasty says it feels strange to not be preparing for his next high school season.

"Yeah, it's kinda weird," he said. "I always used to see the seniors from when I played. They would come in and work out. They always told us they wanted us to do well and I can see how they feel now. I'm going to go to the spring practices this week and help coach the running backs."

One benefit of Hasty's experience last season is the advice he can impart on a fellow teammate who is getting plenty of recruiting attention himself – offensive lineman Steve Schilling.

"Schilling is a lot bigger target too. He's a highly recruited player, even higher than me and E.J. were," Hasty said, recalling his hectic senior season. "I already told him to prepare for all the media and coaches calling him everyday and asking who his top five choices are and how he's going to pick his visits…all the stuff I've been through. I'm just making sure I give him a heads up and watch out for him."

Hasty said he plans to head to Montlake later this month to workout with the team and attend the seven-on-sevens the players will be running at the Dempsey Center. "(The coaches) expect us to come in and get real acquainted with the team and learn the system well," said Hasty.

"They said to pay attention and make sure I learn stuff real soon."

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